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Year 6 maths- Observation/Interview

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by Katrina_Duncan, May 22, 2011.

  1. Hi everybody! I have an observed lesson teaching maths to Year 6, the lesson is to last half an hour. I want it to be really interactive and fun however I do not have very much of year 6 maths AT ALL!! Just wondered if anybody had any good ideas for activities/planning....anything they have found really enjoyable??
    Any help would be massively appreciated!
  2. KYP

    KYP New commenter

    Hmm ... you will not get much help until you come up with some suggestions of your own! I am not a primary teacher, but I could easily find out the level of maths and topics that are appropriate with a quick internet search. I wouldn't expect someone else to do that for me. And sites like NRICH and the NCETM websites have loads of ideas and resources. Surely your teacher training has given you some ideas!?
  3. Oh no, I do not expect anybody to do that for me. However, as I have not taught year 6 maths and do not specialise in that keystage I was asking whether there were certain mathematical activities that children of that age seem to find exciting. I noticed that there were a few forum topics where people who were having observed lessons were asking for guidance, so thought I would try.............
  4. Karvol

    Karvol Occasional commenter

    It doesn't have to be exciting. It has to be mathematics. It really is as simple as that.
    You are going to be teaching a lesson, and what you should be assessed on is your ability to get the children to work mathematically, to understand what you are explaining and to branch out on their own with you there to guide them.
    Content is king. Everything else is window dressing.
  5. Ditto that
    Out of interest, what is this observation for?
    You can of course look at the current framework for the age group and find what they would need to learn.
  6. The OP has indicated that it is for an interview [​IMG]


    If you have been teaching lower down the primary phase ... think of something that you already teach well, that the kids enjoy, and extrapolate upwards

    I presume when you teach year whatever ... you do think about where a topic is going to go in the next year and beyond so use that knowledge
  7. Hi
    Perhaps my question should have been "what job interview is it for?" as the OP (with all due respect) seems to have no idea about what they are going to teach or what teaching this particular class is about.
    I thought it may be something other than a year 6 teacher who would be doing maths

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