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Year 6 Maths L3 - L4

Discussion in 'Primary' started by greenpaddy, Jan 12, 2011.

  1. greenpaddy

    greenpaddy New commenter

    I have just been appointed Maths coordinator (with no handover from previous coordinator) in a school which gets good SATS results. Our L4 target is 97% for this year. However there are 8 children only working on a L3!!. There are two TA's going to work 1:1 with these kids but I have to come up with what they have to do. I have downloaded the Strategy document Overcoming Barriers in Maths L3 - L4, the Springboard resources and found BGFL website with Y6 maths intervention support. I have also requested their last 3 assessments to look at what questions they got right / wrong to see if there is a pattern. Is there anything I have missed?
  2. greenpaddy

    greenpaddy New commenter

    Thanks for your suggestions.Am meeting with the teacher this week - however she has already told me they cannot do anything and do not want to do anything!!
  3. Interesting comments from her. May be that her attitude/approach to them be one of the reasons that there are not making the desired progress in her class!!
    Clearly they can do something as they are Level 3. Push her into identifying the areas of support because, after all, she is the person who should know those children the best at this stage.
  4. greenpaddy

    greenpaddy New commenter

    Many thanks Devonsent. I don't doubt it!
    Another reason is setting across Year 5 / 6 and so poor motivation and poor self esteem in lots of this set.

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