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Year 6 maths after SATS

Discussion in 'Primary' started by trollhula, May 26, 2008.

  1. Have just done a Dustbin design challenge as we need a new playground bin.Lots of investigations into pi-just great.Not sure about after half term but I think it will be challenges and Problem solving.
  2. I usually do some mini-investigations, one or two each day. It helps keep ticking over a variety of skills and it's fun as they work in mixed abiltiy groups and we keep a score of who's the first / most imaginative / systematic in solving the problems.
    I can email you the ppt if you want? I have to admit I didn't create it but downloaded it from the web somewhere a few years back.
  3. talulabell

    talulabell New commenter

  4. Design a dustbin.Identifu features of other dustbins.Create solutions to problems-How does the bag stay in.Use house bricks to build outdoor bin.Volume of house bricks.Build scale model with playdough.Problems with height-for empting bin.Map playground-best location for bin.Volume and capacity investigations.The possibilities are endless.We used the TASC wheel to structure this activity.

  5. You have mail
  6. your ppt sounds great. would you be able to let me have a copy

  7. you have mail
  8. teresa35

    teresa35 New commenter

  9. rosie14

    rosie14 New commenter

  10. piglet33

    piglet33 New commenter

  11. all sent.
    Just a reminder that I found this on the wonderful wide web so credit all due to the mystery math magician who put it out there in the first place!
  12. A copy would be great if that is ok?

    boam1 @ btinternet.com

  13. Hi,

    Im doing my final teaching practice in year 6 and they HATE maths. Really need something to get their attention - can I have a look please?

  14. My top-set Y6s (a VERY bright cohort) asked me why they still had to have maths after the SATs!

    I'd love a copy of your PPT if you have time to send it to me.
  15. Andrew Jeffrey

    Andrew Jeffrey New commenter

    Cassandra, isn't that sad? We have become so exam-obsessed that they are now the only reason to study maths, in the mind of many of our kids. How back-to-front! Terrible, and must be hard for you too to justify to them the learning of anything interesting if it's not 'likely to come up'.
  16. We have great fun racing cars around scaled down F1 tracks courtesy of Maths in Motion - software available from Cambridgeshire Software House. Not sure what it costs for people buying it for the first time, but it will be worth every penny! In short, the package provides you with a track plan of every F1 track and the children have to measure the straights and bends and use maths to make their car the fastest. They then race against the other children in the class on the IWB, you won't be able to hear yourself think they enjoy the final race so much. http://www.mathschallenge.org.uk/
    My class enjoyed it so much last year they insisted that I had an evening race so they could teach their parents.

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