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Year 6 literacy planning through a novel - HELP

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Roseman, Aug 23, 2011.

  1. Roseman

    Roseman New commenter

    was just wondering if anybody could help me with some Year 6 Literacy planning through a novel. I am starting a new school in September and I want to plan my Literacy through a novel as have done this with Year 6 revision in the past. I am doing World War Two as my theme and I wanted to look at Goodnight Mr Tom with the children and link it to the theme, any help greatly appreciated.
    Many thanks in advanceXX
  2. Spugs21

    Spugs21 New commenter

    Micheal Morpurgo have some great books about the war- private peaceful and friend and foe are both excellent!

    I also love teaching literacy through a novel as you can include so many different genres!
  3. Roseman

    Roseman New commenter

    I agree you can cover so many genres and the boys seem to really get in to it as well. I used Kensuke Kingdom for my revision last year.
    The only thing I am struggling with is how to set out planning as with the framework planning you would be covering a particular unit and with novels you are covering so many genres and objectives. Any ideas?
  4. Hi
    I do this in my school and the key message is to make sure that you cover the Literacy objectives and link them to the book. It is very tempting to take the book and try to figure out which units of Literacy you can cover but it works better the other way round. I start by picking out my Literacy unit (say Autobio/bio), looking at objectives etc - and planning that by linking it to the book (e.g a bio on Mr Tom - followed by an autobio on themselves). I always plan the Literacy unit first, then work the other subjects around it. This has meant that all the necessary objectives and genres get covered. I'm not sure what is going to happen with the shake up of Sats - I'm hoping it will allow us more freedom to spend more time on lots of different genres without the worry of what might come up in the Sats. Hope this helps.
  5. The CLPE Power of reading is a good starting place. All planning is based around novels and there are many different styles of writing incorporated.
  6. marlin

    marlin Star commenter Forum guide

    There are some good resources available for Goodnight Mr Tom. Here are a few:
    This next one is KS3, but you could adapt for year 6,
    Primary Resources has two files here you can download:
    and in TES resources:

  7. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    Skip the framework, you'll have a hassle finding it now anyway. Just get the objectives for the year and plan your own unit of work meeting them. Then choose your next book to hit different objectives and so on.

    Perfect way to teach literacy for all ages. In my, totally inexpert, opinion. Much better than the excerpts from books that were fashionable when the strategy first came out.
  8. friend or foe is a good book to do. im doing this with my year 5 class. The read and respond book for goodnight mr tom is good, there are lots of resources too i have found. if you want them email me.Not sure how to private message on her so if you pm me i will give you my email.

  9. Roseman

    Roseman New commenter

    Thank you so much, I would really appreciate any resources. If I give you my email would you mind emailing them to me. Many thanks again.

    John-bate@sky.com (This is my hubby's email address)


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