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Year 6 leaver's production... any ideas?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by poet, Mar 6, 2012.

  1. poet

    poet New commenter

    We did Joseph last year. Hands down best ever.
    Musicals are the way forward.
  2. Cinderella Rockerfella from Out of the Ark Musci - it's fab!
  3. Having spent 10 years as a Year 6 teacher and done as many end of year productions, these are the ones that I'd recommend as memorable, funny and with catchy tunes that you can't stop singing:
    "Scheherazade" by Nick Perrin- stories of the Arabian Nights - you can find it on Starshine Music and listen to some of the tracks - staff, children and parents all loved it; "Zoom", " Splash" and "Pirates of the Currybean", all of which are by Craig Hawes and contain easy to learn tunes and lots of silly jokes; " Pinafore Pirates" by Malcolm Sircom which is a child friendly version of The Pirates of Penzance, with fabulous Gilbert and Sullivan style music and musically quite challenging. All of these can be found on Musicline and again, you can listen to examples of the music and see some of the scripts online. They all had reasonable performing licence costs which was something we had to take into account when deciding on a play/musical and were fun for everyone involved. We also did Joseph which was a great success but we did have lots of children that year with particularly strong voices. Hope this helps.
  4. We did Shakespeare4Kidz 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' Absolutely fantastic. The children were superb.

    Take a look at some photos: http://sheltonjuniors.co.uk/gallery_detail.asp?Section=12&Ref=169
  5. I've used several from Edgy productions and really liked them. We adjusted the script to make it less wordy and to include jokes and info about our school but they're worth getting just for the songs and the ideas of the scenes in between.

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