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Year 6 Leavers Assembly

Discussion in 'Primary' started by ceriburd, Apr 3, 2008.

  1. I'm no expert as i was an NQT last year..... But i let them write their own, little sketches of their favourite memories of school life. It actually went really well, they love taking off teachers etc. Looking back it was really sweet, they decided to give a flower to every adult in the school and this was a year group no one would miss!
  2. A century or so ago I "invited" Margaret Thatcher to our leavers' service so that she could hear what everyone had done during their time at school. She didn't come in person but the girl who played her did a brilliant impersonation - she's become a professional actor. It just provided a framework for the sketches, reminiscences, favourite moments, embarrassing moments, sporting achievements, best models, best trips, best friends and all the other bits that can be used. Plus the looking forward aspect as well.
    I think I once had an elderly couple looking back and reminiscing about their primary school days with everyone else appearing with their sketces and memories.
    Some kind of framework adds a bit of interest - for the staff as much as anyone else!
    If you want a serious poem about what lies ahead and choices which have to be made there is Robert Frost's The Road Not Taken - I took the road less travelled by etc. One of the best poem's about how childhood is precious is Gareth Owen's Time Child. They're both in my anthology of poems for Year 6. If you'd like a free copy contact me on:
    Good luck. Don't have any sleepless nights over it.
    Alan K
  3. Last year my class did something which I don't think left a dry eye in the school. It even made me cry and Im known as being a bit cold at times hehe.

    Basically they worked in small groups (maximum of 4/5) and bought into school all old photos of their school time and their best friends. We scanned these into the computers and they all picked their favourite track of music. The most moving one was chasing cars, cant remember who by. We used Windows movie maker to play the photos and little captions they added as well as clipart or images of their favourite things about their time at our school. IT worked really really well, even for the 'bad' kids they ended up with a cracking end of year assembly. Nothing to clever just meaningful.
  4. I've never taught Year 6 but have seen some brilliant leavers assemblies such as:

    an X Factor one...there were 3 judges (the kids) and all the others were performing different acts-not just singing (it was really funny)

    Big Brother...there were some housemates and each housemate in turn was given a task. The housemate was given the option of inviting outsiders for help (this is where the other children came in)

    impersonating teachers...need i say more? this one was the best one i'd seen because it was finished off with images (on a projector) of the Year 6 chn from nursery to Year 6. The pictures had been secretly brought in by parents (who had been contacted by the teacher)and it was lovely because it brought back memories of when they were young and 'innocent' in nursery.

    hope that helps
  5. I have done quite a few Year 6 end of Year productions including musicals such as Oliver and Joseph. Have also done the school memories using 'School Daze'. However, the best Year 6 Production I used was 'The Ship of Dreams' from Educational Musicals based in Kenilworth. It is the historical story of the Titanic, but I wrote in extra scenes to incorporate some bits from the Titanic film and also to create more characters and add in some other music. We used James Blunt 'Your Beautiful' for when Jack first spotted Rosie (changed some of the lyrics eg 'when I saw her in the harbour, she was waving a small fan.' We had Celine Dion's 'My heart will go on' when Jack and Rosie were at the front of the ship. I even managed to create a wind machine using a desk fan so that Rosie's dress, scarf and hair were blowing. We had a vienesse waltz for first class passengers and we had some Irish music and Irish dancing for 3rd class passengers. We spent a lot of time building props and hired a smoke machine for when some of the passengers were on the lifeboat. We ended with some of the survivors arriving in New York and the children sung and danced to Frank Sinatra's New York New York. It took a lot of time and work to develop the script from Educational Musicals but it was definitely the best production I've ever done. People still talk about it. I had a particularly good group of Year 6's that year which helped. The original script is ok but if you want the wow factor it will need a bit of work. Good Luck!
  6. We've used Edgy Productions and they have been great
    . Their website doesn't seem available today for some reason. Someone mentioned "Lights camera Action!". What is this and by whom please
  7. I did one as this is your life with a presenter that gave a summary of their memories and they re-enacted events. They also did a dance performance to a song from each year that they had been there. It went well.
  8. A few years ago I did "The Weakest Link" as a leavers assembly. One child took on Anne Robinson and everyone else was the contestants. The questions were based on the children's experiences in different classes with different teachers. They were able to go and ask the teacher in the audience for help. Consequently many were told "you are the weakest link - goodbye". The children posed the questions and even I got mine wrong. How was I susposed to remember how many trays we had in the classroom??

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