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Year 6 leaver's assembly poem. My class by Jez Alborough

Discussion in 'Primary' started by rachevs, Jun 28, 2008.

  1. I need help...I'd like to do a poem with my year 6's for their leavers assembly. Wanted to use a poem as a model and get them to change it but somebody has also suggested My class by Jez Alborough as you can change the children's names. I can't find it tho! Have googled and no joy! Was wondering if anybody could post a copy of it please?
    Or...does anybody have any ideas for other peoms which could be adapted?
    Thank you
  2. anybody?????
  3. I have it in a book at school, will bring it home tomorrow for you if no one else offers it to you. My class love it!!
  4. Thank U! Much appreciated.x
  5. Thank u Puffing Billy but just got a copy of the book from my local library. I'm all set!
  6. I'm intrigued.
  7. I'd still like to see if possible?
  8. can I ask please which book this is in? As someone else's post have used Google but with no joy - sounds useful for my Year 3's! thanks
  9. Yes please puffingbilly! I really would like a copy of this if you can find one! It is so strange, google can only tell me where to buy it!
  10. frances05

    frances05 New commenter

    has anybody got a copy of this that I can have a look at?
  11. gcsouth

    gcsouth New commenter

    Would love to use this for my leavers' performance. Does anyone know what book this poem is in?
  12. The poem is in a book called 'Guess what happened at school today'.
    After reading this link, I bought the book on Amazon and the poem you want goes like this...

    Even if you are
    one of a twin,
    we're all of us different -
    outside and in.

    Paul's really tall
    and Noah is lower.
    It's not his fault,
    he just grows a bit slower.

    Brenda is slender,
    Ida looks wider -
    especially when Brenda
    sits down beside her.

    Russell's got muscles
    and so has our Jenny.
    Tony is bony -
    he hasn't got any.

    Dale can look pale -
    just like margerine.
    Mark is quite dark
    and Dean's in-between.

    Cliff is so stiff -
    have you seen how he sits ?
    Wendy is bendy -
    she can still do the splits.

    Nick is just quick -
    he's bright and he's breezy.
    But Joe, he's goes slow,
    n-i-c-e a-n-d e-a-s-y.

    Milly is silly
    while Brad is quite mad.
    Miles often smiles
    but somehow seems sad.

    Rudi is moody,
    he's broody and sour.
    Pete is just sweet
    like a delicate flower.

    Trevor is clever,
    his head's in the air.
    Wayne's got a brain
    but forgets that it's there.

    YOU are not me
    and I'm not you.
    I don't look
    the way you do.
    If the difference between us
    just wasn't there,
    there'd be nothing to get
    and nothing to share.
    So, let's celebrate
    the way that we grew -
    what makes me,me
    and what makes you,you.
    You is all you've got to be
    and all I've got to be is ME.
  13. What book is the Jez Alborough My Class poem in? We might have it in school and it sounds apossibility for end of term....

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