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Year 6 Journalistic Writing

Discussion in 'Primary' started by laurab1983, Oct 2, 2007.

  1. Just some additional ideas (one part of my parents' business is delivering newspaper and media projects in schools and guess who gets brought in to "teacherify" their stuff from time to time):
    Starter - bring in newspapers, give the children headings of parts of a newspaper and a huge sheet of paper - they can cut and stick captions, headlines, features, sport, adverts, coffee break (makes a horrific mess!)
    Strange but True (relies on having quite a bubbly class who'll get into it) - give selected children role play characters and stage a press conference where the other children have to interview them about their strange but trues and then write up the story - I generally use ones like a child who went fishing with a friend, they caught a huge creature who swallowed his buddy; a guy who follows people who drop litter, picks it up and throws it back in their garden (have had hilarious results with that one when it's been given to a kid who could take it and really run with it), UFO sightings etc etc.
    Eyewitness ones where you play part of a clip to half the class (used to use the dognapping scene from 101 Dalmations but I know others on here used Spiderman etc) and their partner has to interview them/write it up. Some of the daft "wacky world"-type Expresso clips are good for this sort of thing as well.
    Another good fun one while you've got the newspapers out is to tell them they've won the lottery - give them a figure and challenge them to "spend" it using the adverts in the paper - but they have to pick different things so they can't just buy ten houses - brings home the relative cost of things if you have kids able to deal with that level of numbers, but could adapt it to a Christmas budget etc if you wanted smaller numbers.
    There's a tonne more I've done before (I tend to nick the ideas for interview lessons etc) but they're the main ones I still tend to fall-back on for supply bookings and one-offs I do myself.

  2. Professor Dumbledore

    Professor Dumbledore New commenter

    Ha! Nice post, Lydiag! :)
  3. We don't use the revised framework and instead plan as part of a fully intergrated curriculum (we have done for about 8 years now). Our year 6 cover journalistic writing through the text of Kensuke's Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo. During this unit, we have looked at the section of the text where Michael, the main character, fell overboard on his round the world adventure, discussed the feelings of the different characters both directly invovled and those who 'might be involved' e.g. the police. The children then decide who they wanted to be and staged a press conference after the event. The press conference was filmed and the children evaluated and subsequently improved their performance. After that we look at a variety of newspapers for layout style etc before writing the newspaper article about the disappearance of Michael. We will return to journalistic writing again during spring 1 when we look at the island of St Lucia. This time the articles will be linked to a hurricain hitting the island and to long delays at the airport.

    Don't know if this helps much but I can I have an overview of the planning if anyone would like a copy (although not immediately as have to get it from work)
  4. I remember really finding it challenging to make this unit remotely interesting last year. However, this year, I've linked it with our topic (The Victorians) and it's gone down really well. We did the S&L bit based on Oliver Twist, with the children watching the opening scenes until Oliver escapes, and then doing a news bulletin on the events, and interviewing characters. They then worked collaboratively to write a news report on the events. Then, for Phrase 3, we watched the opening to The Waterbabies film, and they wrote a newspaper report on Tom's disappearance after being wrongly accused of stealing. They were really inspired by it and produced some excellent pieces of writing...
  5. I could spend an extra 3 weeks on this unit! There is soooo much to do!

    As I am an ICT buff, I really recommend using the 2simple software called 2simulate. Put it on your IWB and get the chn to take notes. It operates around a newsdesk, the chn are the reporters. Information comes into the newsdesk via mobile camera pics, phone calls, fax, emails, text messages etc. The students don't know what the story is about, and as more information comes in, the story takes shape. You can get the chn to write articles at any point, I like to do it 3 times throughout the process as they will see the difference from the first article (little facts and info) to the last one where they have all the info. Simulates a real newsdesk.
    If you dont have the program, you could do it yourself by picking a 'big' news story, and only give them small pieces of information (like a photograph and a quote to begin with), then perhaps a headline. Pick a story that has different angles so you can get twists and different perspectives.
    Also, if your school has the facilities (or your local clc), get the kids to do a greenscreen news program - its really fun and thechn get loads out of it.

  6. All these ideas sound fantastic, I'm building a picture of what I'd like to do, but I'd really like to know more about success criteria and main things i need to have in the lessons before i get ahead of myself (or miss out important stuff)! Would ladders be a good idea as my class need a lot of guidence and reminding of what they need to do.

    Thanks for all the help xxx
  7. If you have espresso check out the newspaper module in the English section. It provides information of how newspapers are created. The video clips are not overly exciting but the activities are good for starters and plenaries.

    Also good for supporting this unit is the press pack section of newsround's website. Again it provides some useful activies to use on an interactive whiteboard.

    Hope this helps!

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