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Year 6 Journalistic Writing

Discussion in 'Primary' started by laurab1983, Oct 2, 2007.

  1. Hi

    Can anyone help me please to get a starting point for this unit? I've looked at the framework but am not feeling very inspired and it seems to be quite dry. Maybe it's just me after a bad day at work! What resources do people use?
  2. Hi

    Can anyone help me please to get a starting point for this unit? I've looked at the framework but am not feeling very inspired and it seems to be quite dry. Maybe it's just me after a bad day at work! What resources do people use?
  3. I know exactly what you mean, it took me ages to get going when planning this one-is it the three week unit you are talking about? Well i'm in week two now. Last week we took a selection of news stories and they watched it on tv, listened to it on radio and read it-we looked at the tornado story as one was local to us. They compared good and bad points of each format, collected good examples of language used etc then we went on to plan a news story about our school-it was repainted in the holidays so they interviewed the headteacher etc. Our project for the term is ancient egypt so this week we have been doing drama work about Carter discovering the tomb, his thoughts etc so they can do a mock interview/hotseating and gradually build up to a radio news broadcast about this. Hope this helps. I've really struggled to get going with it, and not saying that what i'm doing is any good!
  4. that's great... thank you for that, I thought I was the only one feeling that way!
  5. Not at all, i'm finding planning from this a complete marathon-it takes me all afternoon now, i used to blast through it in about an hour tops. It doesn't help that we have started using this framework and ros wilson stuff all at the same time-overload!!!
  6. We're doing the new framework and creative curriculum! ARGH!
  7. I'm feeling exactly the same... it's taking ages, and in terms of inspiration even websites like Hamilton Trust and Click Teaching don't seem to lend themselves to an interesting journalistic topic!
  8. I'm so glad someone feels the same as me, the rest of the staff at work seem to be coping fine with it! It took me hours of staring into space to get going on planning this unit. And i'm dreading preparing for the next one!
  9. Has anyone got some planning for this unit they would be willing to share?
  10. I hate to admit it but I bought 100 new literacy framework lessons and it has been a great help with ideas and how to sequence lessons. It also has some good texts on the CD to use IWB. I am mixing and matching with class resources etc. Certainly a starting point.
  11. Last week we compared the two local news TV programmes and my cla emailed one of the shows as they hd questions about the running order - they emailed back promptly and are answered questions and are sending us the running order and script as well as photos of the presenters.
    On Monday I looked at the volcanic eruption in Yemen - we are linking our journalistic writing to geography - it is our last week and geograhy co-ordinator has said he has never seeen What's in the News covred as well before!
    Next week I move on to hisory and look at lives of the faous I shall continue journalistic writing and look at Obiturie - starting with Coin Mcrae which was the first newspaper story we looked at.
  12. teacherofmany

    teacherofmany New commenter

    I love this unit! I'm in my second year of teaching Y6 and it takes very little to get me over-excited about the 'real-world' opportunities of journalistic writing...

    My class this year are verging on the illiterate but even they are beginning to get to grips with the notion that people really do use newspapers for something other than looking at the anatomical pictures that certain papers provide. I start the unit by bribing children (and my neighbours) to bring in newspapers - the caveat is always that their parents are happy for them to use it in class as I make it clear that I will not spend hours censoring the material bring in. That said, I did request that we steer clear of the Sunday Sport and that I don't need every child to collect a copy of the Metro from the local station.

    The provided newspapers are then read by the children during reading time, WOW! words are selected by children and written up on the regulation red cards for adding to our VCOP working wall, later on we'll do a similar thing with openers. Once the children are excited about reading different papers I start the unit properly: this year's Hamilton resources come with a useful animation on the difference between fact and opinion so we used that before moving swiftly onto features of RESPONSIBLE journalistic writing; differences between types of papers, analysed the language used (playground vs posh is general concensus) etc. etc.

    Today I copied a selection of different stories about the disappearance Madeleine McCann (due to the fact that my class seem to 'know' more about it than most Portuguese Police officers) and, using the success criteria for a piece of responsible journalism, children had to text mark the stories with a view to awarding one article the 'responsible journalist of the year' award. A very interesting activity indeed-the Mail on Sunday won the award on the grounds that the article gave more information... oh dear!

    Anyway, mishaps aside, this unit also links to the Geography 'what's in the news?' unit and will be used to feed into our main piece of work for cultural diversity week (about issues around slavery) - we'll focus on Sudan and the aim is for the children to write an article (having first taken notes from papers, established quotes from 'experts in the region;, used CAFOD's fab resources plus success criteria). We will also produce a class news programme - PowerPoint slides will be compiled to present the bare facts of the situation, provide images of the region etc. Africa Correspondants will be questioned by the news 'anchor' and I'm sure they'll be political/economic analysts and the like that will also present their point of view (the opinion part!). This whole production will be filmed and then forced upon the parents and anyone else who happens to be free when it is screened - the children can't wait, they're even spending their sweetie money on newspapers en route to school to impress me - it's worked!

    I'm not sure that's helped... the majority of the unit's objectives will be covered by this project but so too will an awful lot of the afternoon sessions. However, it's a project that I believe is worth doing properly and if it encourages my class to read then it's worth it. Past experience seems to suggest that once the children realise that reading the newspaper is seen as a 'good thing' they will relish any opportunity to do so - school trips (which we only ever do using Ken's free transport) are a dream - the children are far too busy reading the Metro (or in some cases the Evening Standards that obliging but bemused businessmen are happy to share) to make too much noise!
  13. South Today sent us the running order, the script, signed photoss and various handouts such as how to write a press release.

    We did the volcanic eruption in Yemen on Monday - my class have really enjoyed this unit
  14. talulabell

    talulabell New commenter

    i am doing this next week, but have to squese it into two weels. Any ideas what i could cut out?
    Did you pre decide the issue you were going to look at?
  15. Bit left field, but try the game Headline Harry on www.TheFA.com/Footee (free website from The FA that uses football analogy for KS2 curriculum learning) - gets them into the right mindset anyway!!
  16. Wow! Thanks teacherofmany! and everyone else for your ideas! x
  17. Perhaps you mean "my class this year IS verging on the illiterate..."
  18. Hi

    We just finished the unit. We staged a break in at school. We got in early and took the P.E out onto the field where the children come into school. We put some cones and tape around it. That started alot of conversation around school. The class timetable showed Literacy:poetry, the intention was to throw them off from thinking it was staged. I started my lesson as usual, sharing objective blah blah blah. Similes, Metaphors etc. Office called me outside saying that there is an emergency. I had to stop my poetry lesson to investigate and could not leave them unattended so they had to come wih me and write down what thy noticed and take pics etc. The polie could not make it and the weather is due to change so we had to move the equipment so that it did not get damaged. the kids came up with their own theories of what happened.

    The next day they interviewed the head and cleaner who were the first at school. They then wrote a report etc.
  19. I am so sorry for spelling incorrectly and not punctuating properly but I had to dash out. Sorry!

    We looked at features of a newspaper and the different types eg. broadsheet and tabloid etc.

    Police not polie.
  20. ...or perhaps you mean, 'thank you, teacherofmany, for taking the time to share your ideas'.

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