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Year 6 help/ guidance/ plans/ alcohol!! Any help appreciated

Discussion in 'Primary' started by newe700, Jan 2, 2011.

  1. Hello everyone, thanks for taking some time to read my post.
    I'm in my 2nd year of teaching (NQT last year) and now I'm in a new school, year 6 one form entry.....so I'm in <u>year 6 ON MY OWN!!!!</u> :) So I need some guidance on SATs prep.
    So far it's been ok, but different issues have arisen around planning and I've put a lot (hours and hours) of work into planning and still had issues around 'year 6 coverage' etc.
    I have always planned from the Framework, and can do that easily, and my new school has Abacus Evolve for maths, but I have been questioned for using this at times!! But I realise that year 6, and the SATs require you to prepare for all the genres that will probably be covered etc.
    Is there anyone that can help me with plans, year 6 coverage in Maths and Literacy?
    <u>Any advice, links,planning, old or new</u>.
    Or just advise me to get some nice cold beers, and plan on a post it note!!!
    If you would rather email me, please send to:
    Thank you everyone

  2. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    For maths, just think what your class appear to need. You should by now have worked out strengths and weaknesses so cover those. Abacus evolve is rubbish in my opinion (though others swear by it) so use any websites you know of to get some better ideas.

    For literacy, we are linking to our geography and covering all the genres within that. But we are both experienced teachers. If you don't feel confident covering everything from your own plans, then use the QCA ones. The book based units are much better imo, and do cover lots of aspects of reading and writing.

    Does your school have a subscription to testbase? If not then get one and use it.

    Plan on a post it note? Well you could, but your school might end up with the worst SAT results ever, so not a good idea careerwise.

    Relax though...it will all be fine in the end and the summer term is just plain fabulous!
  3. You have mail!

  4. I started in Y6 in my NQT year and it was a steep learning curve, 3 years in and its a little easier now i have some idea what im doing [​IMG]
    Im not a fan of the old framework for literacy at all - it has some nice elements but simply not enough coverage of text types. I plan literacy around my topic where possible, but the best approach to take is what your class need practise/experience of. Trust your judgement - you work with these chn day in day out so you know what they are capable of and what they need help with.
    Maths is fairly straightforward to revise, if you search in the resources section on here there are several revision plans/timetables you could use as a starting point for planning coverage. Also, if you are covering something in maths, for example coordinates, use your plenary as a using and applying opportunity by giving the chn examples of coordinates questions from past SAT papers. This site is excellent: http://www.grumbles.me.uk/

    Hopefully this has been a little useful [​IMG]
  5. More than a little helpful!! Thank you soo much. The Grumbles site looks fantastic!!
    Any other ideas/ links/ planning will be greatly appreciated

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