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Year 6 Enterprise

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by soosoorocket, Jun 12, 2011.

  1. I'm currently in the process of trying to create a week long maths project for my year 6 class based on enterprise but I can't find any pre-existing resources - our maths cupboard was emptied by a team over the holidays and all of last years resources (and the teacher) have gone. I'm already done work on creating a theme park with the children so, in a way, they've already done something similar. Does anyone have any ideas about what I could do for this/had experience of teaching this before?
  2. We did a transition Enterprise Project

    It was Healthy Lunchbox

    The students had to work out the net for a suitable box, use percentages to look at the contents of the box in terms of protein etc

    Look at costing the box and then selling it on at a profit

    They then did a marketing campaign focussing on USP

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