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Year 5 trips - London

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Ginster, Jul 6, 2011.

  1. Ginster

    Ginster New commenter

    At a quick glance, the main topics are:
    Ancient Greece
    Water Cycle
    Indus Valley
    I do like the Will Embyliss idea and some of the other suggestions are great too. Thanks a lot!
  2. Apart from museums etc. how about BBC, it's a brilliant tour.
    But as other have said, it depends what you want.
  3. marlin

    marlin Star commenter

  4. marlin

    marlin Star commenter

  5. Hey. When I was training last year, I did a placement at a school in Essex and we took a (Y5) class trip to Parliament! It was amazing! Okay, it was esp. relevant because it was the month before the general election but any time, it would be an amazing way of bringing Citizenship education to life. It was during Parliamentary recess, so we were able to go everywhere - wandering through the Chamber of the Commons, etc! We had guided tours round the Commons and the Lords - the kids were so entraced to be THERE looking at what they see on TV all the time. Also, the Education Officers are AMAZING. We had a session lasting about an hour in a classroom, where the kids formed 'parties' and produced manifestos and we had a mock election. Also, I really fancied the Education Officer! HA HA. He was exactly like Mac off Green Wing! Hehehe [​IMG]
  6. don't forget about looking out as well as into london - hatfield house for tudors, for example
  7. How about the Imperial War Museum and in particular the current children's literature exhibition 'Once upon a Wartime' featuring five books. <u>The best bit was in the final room and was Michelle Magorian's open note book where she gives her reasons for naming her main characters after trees - insightful! </u>
    Once Upon A Wartime: Classic War Stories for Children runs from 11 February to 30 October 2011 at Imperial War Museum London.
    Once Upon A Wartime delves into the pages of well-loved books, bringing five stories of war dramatically to life.
    Adults and children can wander through life-size sets, peer into intricate scale models and explore the stories&rsquo; themes of loyalty, separation, excitement, survival and identity.
    From the bleak landscape of no man&rsquo;s land in War Horse to the imposing tower blocks of London&rsquo;s gang warfare in Little Soldier, this exhibition is an immersive journey through the worlds of the books. Pull up a chair in Hepzibah&rsquo;s kitchen where the scene is set straight out of Carrie&rsquo;s War, discover the secret fortress from The Machine Gunners and listen to the footsteps above the cellar where the Balicki children find shelter in The Silver Sword.
    Behind the scenes of the stories, see what inspired the authors to write their books, and find out about the historical context of each story through objects, photographs and films.

  8. You should absolutely visit the National Gallery. Their education department is fantastic. The trip is free (I am pretty sure) and the gallery educators will show the ch paintings which fit into your topic. The paintings are a great way to start cross curricular projects.
  9. Take a look at http://www.missionexplore.co.uk for some ideas of things while getting around town. Some good fillers for parks too.
  10. Ladykaza

    Ladykaza Senior commenter

    The Globe theatre do excellent educational visits, including a play of your suggestion in 30 mins. I took my class of years 3/4/5/6 and they had a great time. We combined it with a trip to Tate modern.
  11. We do the Victorians in Year 5 and take our kids to the Ragged School. They get to dress up as Victorian children for the day and see what it was like to go to school in that time.

    We also go to the Thames Barrier which links geography and science topics. City Hall also does good visits.
  12. reddevil

    reddevil Occasional commenter

    See if you can change your Biscuits topic to Pizzas, which I did and fits quite well, then get yourself booked in at Pizza Express...fab trip! Where I am they only take one class per month so you have to book in advance, but each child comes out after a tour round the whole restaurant with their own pizza they have made and in our case some to share in the staff room too [​IMG]
  13. thanks for this - shall take my own 2 over summer

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