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Year 5 teachers. Is it possible?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by doonessy, Dec 10, 2015.

  1. doonessy

    doonessy New commenter

    Can a Year 5 child fully understand and apply all of the grammar techniques that are in the statutory guidelines independently?

    I feel that I could just be suffering from a lack of confidence and exhaustion but when assessing at the end of this first term, I feel that few of my children are actually doing any of these things independently. I know we are only a third of the way through the year but I am thinking they should be doing a third of these things confidently by now. By independently I mean, without a check list, prompting, reminders etc.

    My children complete work in their books at least four days a week where I teach the grammar as part of my daily literacy lessons. I feel they, and I work very hard ( as we all do). They also have a grammar homework every week. The majority can talk the talk but struggle to apply their knowledge.

    Some days getting anything to make sense, capital letters, correctly placed commas and using the odd adjective or two is hard enough work without worrying about modal verbs and parenthesis!

    How does everyone else feel?
  2. JessicaRabbit1

    JessicaRabbit1 Senior commenter

    A very tiny minority of mine are probably at this point. We also teach grammar through normal literacy lessons and in addition I teach a separate SPaG session most days.

    It's the spelling that's giving me the most headaches.
  3. doonessy

    doonessy New commenter

  4. doonessy

    doonessy New commenter

    Have assessed spelling today and most are doing well. I have a few bizarre spellings patterns going on with the lowest three or four to work on so in the grand scheme of things that is less of a concern for me. I started the year with work on suffixes, prefixes and root words which I think helped.

    Reading all the objectives for writing now just fills me dread. I need to not only fit it all in but make sure it is revisited often enough so it isn't forgotten.

    Definitely need a holiday. Things seemed more achievable a few weeks ago!
  5. teacup71

    teacup71 Occasional commenter

    if you are in year 5 see it as a whole year to secure the skills- especially to apply all the skills. Even then there will have to be consolidation in the next year group.
    Have a look at this

    Feel sorry for year 6 who have to do all this in two terms and go back over all KS2. Can you guess that I'm in year 6?
  6. flickaz

    flickaz New commenter

    I feel sorry for the current year 5s as they haven't had the grammar teaching to the new NC throughout their previous years. I'm sure in a few years time we will be finding things a lot easier. I'm trying to teach a couple of new things a week and review a couple more/

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