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Year 5 Space Topic

Discussion in 'Primary' started by nel1987, Dec 12, 2011.

  1. Would like ideas for an alternative name as dont want to limit myself to just space for a whole term..any ideas welcomed and appreciated!!!
  2. Would like ideas for an alternative name as dont want to limit myself to just space for a whole term..any ideas welcomed and appreciated!!!
  3. quietlydetermined

    quietlydetermined New commenter

    I'm doing this topic after Christmas and calling it "Mystery and Magic"
  4. Lara mfl 05

    Lara mfl 05 Star commenter

    'The Great Beyond', 'Where no Man has Gone Before . . .', 'Out there', ' the Outer Limits' ?
  5. Thats good thanks! what year do you teach? I am an nqt and finding it impossible to link to literacy units :(
  6. You don't say which units you want to link to but here are some examples:
    <u>journalistic writing:</u>
    Look at the news reports of the moon landing - write a newspaper report for moon landing (lower), mars landing (middle), Journey beyond our solar system (higher)
    It costs millions of dollars to travel to space, persuade me to spend the money! This would also cover PSHCE economic wellbeing issues.
    Look at the hoax information, persuade me that the landings were genuine/fake.
    <u>Non-chronolgical Reports:</u>
    What is the moon / sun / planets like (enchanted learning has some good cloze procedures for this)
    <u>Chronological Reports:</u>
    How did we get to where we are today - the history of space exploration.
    So many opportunities for sci-fi writing
    <u>Myths and Legends</u>
    Have a look at different myths about where the stars/sun come from - roman, greek, mayan are all really good. If you work in an area with a reasonable large hindu population they have some great stories about comets
    Look at the NASA website - how to launch the space shuttle - there are some great resources on there
    I used The Sun is by Wes Magee to teach metaphor and got the class to write the moon is poems
    <u>Film Narrative:</u>
    ET would tick every box from the piano scheme of work, and links well into writing a sci-fi text
    Is there any other text type you need?

  7. oh wow great ideas thank you so much! No that is plenty to get me through...your a star!
  8. How about Reach for the Stars? Also... I've taught instruction writing using Astroventure. It's a NASA site where the children can build a new planet capable of sustaining life. There's also "planet 10" which is simpler to use. Great for teaching tilt/spin etc to explain day, night, seasons etc.
  9. I too am an NQT doing space and aliens. Look at the BBC website at the Dr Who literacy challenge for 9-11 year olds. It's an old challenge but I just told my cdn that we were still going to do it even though the competition deadline had passed. It's fantastic and the kids are loving it - they have to write a script for a 3 minute episode but they also do other writing activities along the way.
  10. "Above and Beyond", "Up, Up and Away!"
    We're doing it at the moment with KS1 but as it is for a whole term we are doing about air travel as well.
  11. Hi, these ideas are great, however which sci-fi books would you recommend for the narrative units for year 5?

    Any help would be great thanks

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