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year 5 sccience lesson - changing sounds (pitch)

Discussion in 'Science' started by gail-amanda, Mar 8, 2012.

  1. id like to experiment but i got quite a bit of critism from the class teacher on how the last science went which has now knocked my confidence....right now id just like to get it right! not had much info in uni to be honest and my class teacher isnt very supportive either! the class teacher doesn't offer much in the way of constructive feedback....she prefers to point out where im going wrong without giving me any techniques or advice on how to fix it....thanks for your reply, i could probably do it as a class demo! think ill go back to my lesson plan and start over
  2. blazer

    blazer Star commenter

    Not useful to the OP but I use a test tube rack of tubes with different levels of water in them. Blow across the top to make a et of pan pipes.

    The OP could use copper or plastic polypipe of different lengths, you can blow across them or you can hit one end with the palm of your hand. You can vary material, length and diameter to get different pitches. If it is a primary school do they still use chime bars in music lessons or even a cheap toy xylophone.
  3. If you blow gently across the top of a drinking straw it makes a sound.

    If you cut the straws to different lengths (or snip little holes in them, squash flat first then cut with scissors) the pitch changes

    Bad point - class needs to be fairly quiet in order the hear this though

    Good point - packets of straws are very cheap! :)

    (sorry about lack of line breaks, they're there when I write my post, but disappear after I submit!)

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