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Year 5 optional sats paper - writing

Discussion in 'Primary' started by sunshine114, Apr 6, 2010.

  1. Does anyone know what the long and short writing tasks are for the most recent year 5 optional sats paper (2003??? Sorry, I'm not even sure of the date!!)

  2. 2006 is the most recent. There was a link recently on here to the site holding them all, just search primary. (wouldn't use them if I were you - or use your own mark scheme)
  3. Thanks. We have to use them each year in my school (I would much rather not, but there you go...) but we use the data alongside teacher assessment, so it's more of a chance for the chidlren to 'get used to' sats type situations...

  4. 2006 is the most recent.
    Short Writing: Descriptive writing (think it's a park, related to seasons)
    Long Writing: Persuasive Letter
  5. Thanks for that NQT20089
  6. Sorry sunshine I was a little crytic! We use them too but found that the 2006 writing gave unrealistically high levels and so we now use a different write ( or I was suggesting you could do the writing tasks as they are but use your own marking criteria).
  7. cryptic not crytic!
  8. Went on a course recently and they said the Year 5 QCA tests tend to come out really high for writing, usually two sub levels higher than they would achieve in the National Curriculum Tests.
  9. Short writing - The Changing Park, with half a page to describe the park in Wintertime, and the other half to describe the park in Summertime, with the hope that the children will link both paragraphs together through their ideas.
    Long writing - Improve Our Playground, which is meant to be a piece of persuasive writing where the children try to persuade the reader to add something that the children want to the playground.
    Spelling - Steel Pan Music (I think!)
  10. 2 sub levels! Wow, that's a lot! Am quite glad we use them as a 'guide' only!

    Thanks for the responses.

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