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year 5 optional sats english

Discussion in 'Primary' started by hcnip, May 25, 2009.

  1. hcnip

    hcnip New commenter

    i know there're regular posts on this sort of subject, but the search function isn't throwing anything up
    i desperately need a copy of the short and long writing mark scheme for the 2006 english optional sats - i've left all my mark schemes at school (which is now closed) and have the y3-y5 optional writing for the school to mark!
    i have found copies of the y3 & y4 online but not the y5
    if anyone has it and could scan/email them to me i'd be very grateful - i don't need the whole booklet, just the 5 pages with the ssp/tso/ce etc. on

    many thanks
  2. Could someone please send me the mark scheme for the writing tasks too. I have come home armed with tasks to write and no mark scheme!!!!!
    Much appreciated! You will save me a wasted evening!

  3. Check your email
  4. Does anyone have the Y5 maths 2006 mark scheme - I can't believe I didn't bring it home! :/
  5. Hi if anyone still has access to those answer booklets for the writing Year 5 2006 long and short writing task and the maths paper A and B please could you email them to me too. Not got access to the answers and just done the tests with my class and would like to mark them properly.
    Much appreciated and many thanks if anyone can do this.
    Email - lisamariehesketh@hotmail.com
  6. Hi if anyone still has mark schemes for 2006 reading - changes and writing both short and long could you please email me them. Thanks. amanda_624@hotmail.com
  7. Please could somebody send the mark scheme to me too :)


    Ta muchly,
  8. Please could someone send me the writing mark scheme (long writing task) for Y5 2006, left my copy at school and would really like to mark tonight.
    Thank you!

  9. Please could you send me the mark scheme too please? Desperate! And it's not on Testbase either :( Many thanks. louiseythompson@virginmedia.com
  10. Hi would apprecite if you could email me the Y5 optional teachers handbook 2006. Also thelonger task, improving our playground and shorter task changing park. email sashas@emirates.net.ae
  11. Hello,
    erm...please could I have a copy? Sorry but I too have left it in school...managed to bring home year 3 and 4 for some godforsaken reason. Very annoyed about it.
    I have made a post about this and shouldn't have.
  12. Anybody?
    I will be eternally grateful!!!!
  13. Hi!
    I know that this is a very old post, but if you still have the mark scheme for the 2006 year 5 literacy tests, please can you send me them? My email address is aidan87@hotmail.co.uk
    Thank you!

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