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Year 5 ICT

Discussion in 'Primary' started by qpr179, Dec 17, 2011.

  1. Hello,
    I'm meant to be teaching unit 5B about databases after Christmas. The only database programme we have is Microsoft Access. Wondered what programmes other people have? I've requested Textease but told it's not an efficient use of money!
    Many thanks
  2. becktonboy

    becktonboy New commenter

    Your school obviously did not spend wisely the money it got for a number of years from central government for software if it hasn't got an appropriate database program for KS2, whihc I would say Access is not. Which also means the ICT curriculum has not been delivered.
    INSIST on getting a good title:textease studio has one but we use Junior Viewpoint from Logotron - excellent software, tons of resources online, ITASS planning and video tutorials, with flipcharts are available. I've also got planning for it from Y3-6.
  3. Thanks for your message.
    I can't get my head round Access so I don't fancy the children trying it. I'm afraid our ICT technician has the attitude that Microsoft programmes are what the children will use in the real world therefore there's no point in buying something like Textease which the children would find far more useful at this stage. We tend to go for free software rather than investing. Very frustrating.
  4. becktonboy

    becktonboy New commenter

    The technician does not control your budget, surely? in any sane world it is the role of the ICT Coordinator to make those decisions. If what you report is truly his attitude it's a perfect illustration of why these decisions have to be made by teachers - technicians are not equipped, trained or entitled to make them - oh and by the way, he is wrong on about every meaningful level: M$ applications are not the only ones in use in the wider world, there is nothing more real than the world of a school, anyone thinking that by the time current primary pupils hit the world of work in 10-15 years they will be using the applications they use in schools now (Office 2003/7? XP/Vista?, off-cloud?etc etc etc) really does know very little of the world beyond school or how time works. If he thinks children use databses for their own purposes outside of school he really is living in a world of make-believe.
    Talk to your head, tell them free software is great for plugging gaps but you can't curtail your curriculum delivery because free resources are not available: try telling your literacy coordinator that they will have to rely on junk mail, freebie papers picked up on buses and pamphlets from waiting rooms to deliver all the school's reading material! Add that it's a pity the many £1000s your school received were not well spent or spent on ICT.
    Get control of your budget, PM me if you want to take that discussion further in private
  5. would never put primary children onto Microsoft Office stuff - it is ludicrous idea. Testease Studio is brilliant and covers just about everything they need and more, in a very child-friendly way. But you don't need to get the whole set of things ... you can get the 9 tools for s site license for £699 which is incredible value! It has been far more than this in the past!
    Anyway, how about getting a 30 free trial and covering what you need in that time?

    In the meantime, look at the Whodunnit database on MAPE You use searches to find the criminal and there are about 50 cases. This is teaching how to USE a database, but not create one.

    And remember that using the internet to search isd interrogating a massive database. ... use Mark Warner's fab online scheme Welcome to the Web

  6. becktonboy

    becktonboy New commenter

    bit over the top Gertie: Word, PPT and Excel are perfectly accessible for primary children , we (and loads of schools) use them perfectly happily from year 3 up -earlier in some.
    The OP's technician was however insisting on Access of all thing.
    Agree the Textease site licence is a good offer nowadays: unfortunately for us it went donw like a lead balloon with the teachers, who wanted to stick with M$ office because they are familiar with it and couldn't be bothered to extend their learning.
  7. anotherfinemess

    anotherfinemess New commenter

    Of course, you can use Excel as a database. It won't let you produce graphs of word-based data, but you can add the data in fields and records (columns and rows), filter and search, and produce graphs from the results, which is about all you need to be doing. I just suggest you do a database about something which is largely number -based (e.g. the size, distance from the sun, day length, year length etc) of planets. It's not as good as a real database program, but I'd use it above Access if you have no other choice any day.

    On the other hand, I also want to ask why you're still doing the QCA units so many years after most schools dropped or at lleast adapted them. They're more than ten years old so not suited for the way technology has changed (how about that Year 6 unit introducing Powerpoint?), and have you noticed that there is no Exchanging and Sharing information at all in Year 5? What a tedious curriculum for the poor children? My Y5 children have already created maze games in Scratch, World War 2 Photo Montages in Photofiltre, and collaborative wikis with another school with Wikispaces - all free software so suitable for your school. It's just not possible to teach the whole curriculum with free stuff!
  8. Well I love spreadsheets but can't stand Exel. (It doesn't Excel, for me, whereas textease does!)

    But what I would like to know it, how do you do




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    &rsquo; in
    their searches

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    carry out searches using two or more

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    carry out complex searches to check


    from unit 5B in it?
    Spreadsheets come up in QCA in both year 5 and 6 and Excel is clearly not a database - it is a spreadsheet!!
    It is a bit like the way some people can't teach Unit 5A, Graphical modelling because they don't know how to use vectors for creating objects, re-sizing and moving!And rely on little online games like 'city creator' to imagine they are teaching the skills of the unit.

  9. Amazing isn't it? I hate Micro$oft with a vengeance .... and above is another example of why ... bloatware that is uneditable!! If you ever make a webpage from a word doc, save it and open it with notepad and see what I mean!! Disgusting!

    This site is just as bad because when I edited and added more info and saved - it vanished ("Forum not found" etc etc) ....Argh! Well I can't be bothered to retype it all now.
    Anyway, here are the bare bones: I wanted to add that if you are a member of Ictopus - and it is free to join, you can see an article about teaching vectors, showing the skills kids SHOULD be learning!
    And also on that site is the Inverary Jail database - free to download with loads of background info - very interesting.
  10. Thanks for all replies to this. I've used Excel, Word and PowerPoint with my children but will keep mentioning Textease as it's much easier for KS1 children in particular. The annoying thing is that when I first mentioned it to Head / Technician / ICT co-ordinator in the summer it was half price. Tried downloading Open Office to see if that was any good but seemed just the same as Access.
  11. They are both software suites designed from grown-ups working in an office - not children!!!

    What on earth did your school spend its e-credits on?
  12. becktonboy

    becktonboy New commenter

    a question I put too, gertie, and not for the first time - it would appear they disappeared without trace in a lot of schools or more likely were wasted on the beloved 'online content' which was soooo overpriced but promised curriculum problems solved for overstretched coordinators with pressure to spend their budget.

    As to stuff for KS1 start looking at 2Simple (software, not subscription!!)

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