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Year 5/6 taster day ideas

Discussion in 'History' started by tladams, Mar 16, 2011.

  1. Last year I based ours on the key skills so I did a human timeline and a game of splat with centuries for chronology. We did 'who am i?' evidence posters cutting things out of magazines and a 'historical x factor' for significance.
    If you give me your email I can send what I've got [​IMG]
  2. Last year I based ours on the key skills. Human timelines, evidence posters, historical x factor. Can email it if you like?
  3. Daft computer! told me it hadn't sent first message!!
  4. kate harvey

    kate harvey New commenter

    Also good is the "bin bag dectective' type of activity.
    Split children into groups and give each of them a carrier bag of "rubbish" which has been pre-prepared by you. Children have to examine the "rubbish"evidence and make deductions based on what they find. The more interesting stuff you put in the bags the better! Give them 15 minutes to put together a profile of who the rubbish belongs to and then present it to the class. You can challenge the more able with open ended questions about what they find out.
    Have done this activity many times and it works very well!
    Good things to go in bags:
    food wrappers (clean!!)
    bus/train tickets
    receipts from variety of shops

    You get the idea!

    Good luck

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