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Year 5/6 mixed age planning!!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by crgray, Jul 8, 2008.

  1. please could you send me anything that may be helpful- am about to embark on y5/6 lit and numeracy teaching after being out of teaching bringing up my family.
    thank you
  2. Hi, I was just about to come and write this question on here when I saw this thread :) I have just been given a job in year 5/6 where there has been a supply teacher for the last few terms. Therefore the plans are not very good or consistent. Any help or things people could send for some ideas would be massively appreciated :)
  3. hi do you still have mixed age mahs planning for y 56 im new to this mixed yr grp and just back from maternity leave and would really appreciate having some support as i start planning we have got the scholastic bks in school
    thanks v much my email is gollum17@btopenworld.com
  4. I have an interview next week for a yr 5/6 post. I would be really grateful of any advice you can give me that would make my answers to interview questions stand out. I would particuarly like any tips on SAT's questions, transitions and mixed age planning. Thank you.

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