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Year 5/6 Great Debate - ideas needed!!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by LittleMissCurious, Jan 19, 2010.

  1. My Year 5/6 class have asked me if we can have a weekly "great debate" on issues and topics from the workd around them. They're keen to discuss whether aliens and ghosts exist, but I wondered if anyone on here had any suggestions of suitable "debate" style questions?
    I'd like to go along the lines of "This class believes that....." statements to make the event more formal than just a class chat!
    So far I've got
    ".... TV should be banned for the under 11s"
    "... all animals should live in zoos to prevent extinction" (Linked to our upcoming literacy work!)
    ".... aliens do exist" (just to make the kids think I listened to them!)
    Any ideas anyone?

  2. tafkam

    tafkam Occasional commenter

    "...school uniform is an essential part of education"
  3. sirenne

    sirenne New commenter

    ...primary school age children should not be allowed mobile phones.
    ...school should begin at 7am and finish at 1pm.
    ...computers are good for you.
  4. paulie86

    paulie86 New commenter

    ......Should schools close for snow?
  5. Children should be banned from fast food restaurants
  6. Thanks all - these are great!
  7. Ooh, we did this one last week, having not closed at all. It ended with the children writing letters to the council stating why they believed schools should be closed/open. Not one wanted closures which did surprise me a little.
  8. And to add to your ideas:
    • Exams are a good/bad thing
    • Children should earn their pocket money
    • Footballers/movie stars are not worth the money they earn

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