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year 4 summer topic and olympics.

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Massey118, Mar 28, 2012.

  1. Hi I was just wondering what other year 4 teachers where doing for topics after easter.

    I will be doing the olympics after the may half term. I am just trying to sort something out for next half term, which for me will be a 6 week half term.
    I was thinking of doing a mini topic on the tudors.

    I am really just wondering what others are doing? Are they looking at the olympics for a full term or doing a mini topic aswell?

  2. I am also doing the olympics after May half-term, not doing it after Easter as there just isn't enought stuff to make it last for a whole term. I have been given freedom as to the topics I teach and trying to rack my brain for a topic for my Y3/4's too but struggling so would also appreciate any ideas on (good) topics to last a half-term! However, there is the diamond jubilee so I guess a week on that would be good.
  3. The Olympics will be a fab topic and I would certainly make the most of the opportunity and do it for the full term. You could always change your plans along the way if you find it isn't going the direction you thought and maybe the children aren't responding to it as well as you hoped. I can't see that happening though. I think the children will love it!
    There are lots of Olympic threads on here already. Here is one from yesterday.
  4. Have you had a look at the Gold Challenge? About 100 primary schools are taking part so far and incorporating the Olympic Values and learning about the charity they are supporting.

  5. I too am doing The Olympics after May half term. Doing Greeks after Easter as its a natural link into the Olympic topic
  6. I'm doing the Amazon Rainforest with my Y4s after Easter. They were so excited when I told them yesterday!
  7. Hi Massey118,
    I'm doing the olympics for the whole term. I'm approaching by doing the the ancient greeks first - leading to ancient olympics - modern olympics.
    www.hamiltontrust.co.uk do a unit on the olympics of UKS2 and LKS2
  8. I am doing Ancient Egypt after Easter until half term then I will be looking at Ancient Greece to link in with the Olympics. Seems so far away but it will fly by!

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