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Year 4 Stories with issues and dilemmas

Discussion in 'Primary' started by ruby 23, Apr 2, 2008.

  1. Hi,
    I have just started a new topic 'lets make a list of useful teaching books' the book i have put on the list includes a few short stories with issues (if you go on amazon it lets you look inside the book!)

    hope this helps a bit!
  2. Hi there justplaintired,
    can't help much just now as have had an urgent call to watch midummer murders!!! (on hols, obviously)
    I am planning this topic in the next few days, will let you know if owt comes out!Thinking of using the old (2002 middle school transition unit) Woof by Allen Ahleberg and The Fib by George Layton. Also Charlotte's Web-as we have a class set and thought we could discuss animal welfare issues...
    will let you know if it develops.
    I am not doing it in a 4 week block but 2 two week units, I think
  3. Bill's new frock - gender issues - boys stronger than girls, girls neater than boys etc
  4. I've just taught this unit and have some planning and resources if they are any use to you. I used 3 books- 'the outsiders' by Kevin Crossley-Holland which is a collection of short folk tales. We used 'the green children' as a stimulus for drama work. We then used 'secret friends' by elizabeth laird- fantastic book and the kids did some really empathetic response writing (but be warned, one of the characters dies- well written but tear jerking.)

    For the main writing we looked at 'journey to jo'burg' by Beverley Naidoo which includes many dilemmas. This was one recommended by Hamilton Trust but I really rewrote their planning to suit my year group.

    If my planning is any use to you email me emma@theedes.co.uk and I'll send you a copy of what I have. It isn't brilliant as each week I had a different supply teacher in the parallel class who I had to give planning for, and various things meant each week didn't happen exactly as planned- so some lessons got carried over to the next week- but it will be a start for you. My class loved the unit and produced some fantastic writing from it.
  5. EBD35

    EBD35 Occasional commenter

  6. I use 'The Angel of Nitshill Road' by Anne Fine as a longer story. My class love the story. We do lots of drama empathising with the 3 main characters and then the children predict and write an ending to the story.
  7. Hi,

    Just jumping on the band wagon here and hoping for some advice. I'm PGCE student just starting on 8 week final block. Got poetry for 2 weeks and then issues and dilemmas for 4 weeks (I think thats what the units on the PNS state). I have no idea how to go about reading the text for issues. Do you read the book to the children and if so when do you get the time?? I am really struggling.

    Thank you
  8. daviedog leave your email and I'll see what I can do. It's not from new lit strat but might give you an idea to jump start your planning. Know what it's like to do PGCE!!
  9. You have mail!
  10. hi guys.

    im on my third year placement and i'm doing issues and dilemmas with year 4.

    i dont know where to start any ideas?
  11. Leave your email and I'll try and get back to you Labell
  12. You have mail!

  13. could I ask you to email me along the same lines!

    I am also a PGCE student, year 4, last placement. It's so hard knowing where to start!

    Many thanks

  14. I have found that 4 weeks is too long for my year 4 class so I have done the 4 weeks ones in 2...and then revist them later on in the year. I find this works so much better.
  15. marshmallow23 - I have emailed you
  16. TreesK

    TreesK New commenter

    I've used 'Bad Girls' by Jacqueline Wilson in the past. Girl bullies, issues about being different, good/bad influences, etc. Or there's Tracy Beaker. The Worry Website (J. Wilson also) might be good if you're struggling for time- each chapter is a separate story/issue. They're linked but separate, so you could choose which issues you want to tackle. The whole book's quite short.
    I've also used The Angel of Nitshill Road, and Dinner Ladies Don't Count by Bernard Ashley (very short.)
    Having said that, don't be afraid to spend time reading a book with them. It is one of the best, most important things you can do.
  17. Help!! I am also trying to plan this at the mo!! I have the book: The fib and other stories which is great but i have been staring at my screen for an hour and have run out of ideas!! Anyone got any plans they would share??
    Please help!!

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