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Year 4 stand alone Literacy Lesson for Interview

Discussion in 'Primary' started by blobcarp, Apr 15, 2012.

  1. blobcarp

    blobcarp New commenter


    I have to do a stand alone Literacy lesson on Wednesday suitable for Year 4's at the beginning of the summer term. I have taught a lesson on Onomatopoeia to Year 5's which included the use of poems/stories which included onomatopoeic words which the children had to identify and lots of other things which gave the children lots of examples of onomatopoeia. I would love to do a similar lesson again but I'm not sure if it's suitable for Year 4's at this time of year (no mention of onomatopoeia for this term in any planning I have seen). Would this be ok or should I try something else? This is for my first job as I am on my PGCE at the moment and really want this job! Thanks in advance :)
  2. DFC

    DFC New commenter

    Look at Y4 summer objectives - if onomatopoeia isn't in Y4 don't use it.
    You coulld do a similar lesson but link it to the figurative language objectives in Y4.

  3. Not sure about this - I think it depends on the school.
    In our literacy (and numeracy) planning, we have to show the NC objective for the year group, plus the one from the next year group up, to show we are being "aspirational" in raising standards. We are told this is even more important in summer term, because we should be pushing them on to the next year group's objectives.
    This isn't my opinion, or something I like at all, I'm just saying it might be a good idea depending on how the school work. You could put down the Y4 objective, and then show how it leads on to the Y5 objective. It would certainly tick one of my HT's boxes!

  4. DFC

    DFC New commenter

    I can see where you are coming from elizabeth 1972.
    I took the OP to mean he / she was going to do a lesson on onomatopoeia as a stand alone lesson in Y4. There is an opportunity to bring in onomat. through figurative language and I would agree it could/should be brought in for the HA but I wouldn't teach it to a whole class if I were the OP, I'd link it in through the 'aspirational' concept you mentioned.
  5. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    But then again, many schools no longer use the framework and so do not use the objectives for specific years at all.

    In my school you could teach anything you liked as long as it was at an appropriate level of difficulty to show progression.

    Look at the NC at levels 2/3/4 for S&L, reading and writing and see if what you want fits in there. If it does then great and use the levels as differentiation. Or, if you prefer the framework (and the school's website may tell you what they use) then look there for your objective.

    It also depends on the schools. What is suitable for year 5 in one school is suitable for year 4 or even 3 in another.
  6. blobcarp

    blobcarp New commenter

    Thanks for your suggestions. I have found a link to figurative language through creating their own poem which is similar to what i did at the end of my onomatopoeia lesson. getting the children to write ideas from a topic they choose and organise them into the order that they want them to appear in their poem. then one word at a time, they expand on that word or phrase to make a line of their poem. using reorganising, deleting words, adding words etc (T3/15) which links to the objectives and i can use examples of simile and onomatopoeia to enhance the quality of the poem? do-able in an hour?!

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