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Year 4 Solids and Liquids Display

Discussion in 'Primary' started by 123princess, Aug 26, 2008.

  1. Has anyone got a brilliant Solids and Liquids Display Idea? I'm struggling
  2. ges


    Why not incorporate a great lump of melting ice - as big as your freezer will manage - and let the children play/investigate/explore?

    You could put it in a tray with plastic polar animals - float it in a bucket - make it in a hand shape using plastic marigolds as a mould.

    Children from Early Years to Year 6 love Big Ice.
  3. Fill rubber gloves with water and food colouring and freeze in all shapes and sizes. The kids love it! they can then think of experiments- you can photograph, record etc. Why not display examples of solids, liquids and gases and get kids to add post its to explain why they are solid, liquid or gas. Make some slime and add to the display- get the children to state solid, liquid or gas and why.

    Display things like balloons, beach balls etc- always posing the question solid, liquid or gas.
  4. ges


    (I suppose you could always feed the pupils lots of brussel sprouts and beans to demonstrate the process of solids turning into gas!)

  5. <font face="Times New Roman" size="3">I was thinking of something amazing to go on the wall too - ********** style? but it only has 2 resources</font>
  6. miss may

    miss may New commenter

    There is a display using vocab and key questions here

  7. miss may

    miss may New commenter

    Sorry, not sure why that link won't work. I copied and pasted it and it seems to be using an interesting spelling! Will try again


  8. <a>***://cgi.ebay.co.uk/SCIENCE-GASES-COMPLETE-DISPLAY-PACK_W0QQitemZ180270347045QQcmdZViewItem?_trksid=p3286.m20.l1116[/URL]

    I have one on my site if that is of any use?

  9. Sorry! That didn't work!

    If you go to <a>***://stores.ebay.co.uk/Teachingtimesavers[/URL] and search for Science you'll see some displays. I have a buy one get one free offer on all displays/resources until 1st September.

  10. Get the children to act out being a solid, liquid and gas in the playground and take photos.

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