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Year 4 - Singapore Maths worksheet

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by sevenseals, Nov 1, 2015.

  1. sevenseals

    sevenseals New commenter

    The Singapore Maths curriculum scored top ranking (1995, 2003, 2011) on Trends in International Math and Science Study (TIMSS) fourth year maths scores.

    The method makes use of a three-step learning process. The three steps are: concrete, pictorial, abstract. The middle step of using pictorial bar modeling is the unique addition in the process.

    In order to improve the pupils' concept understanding and mastery, should teachers or parents include this method as one of the ways a pupil can answer a maths word problem?

  2. spartacus123

    spartacus123 Occasional commenter

    Pictures and diagrams aren't rocket science. I've been using them for ages. I like the Singapore method to show visually what is happening but the idea of using diagrams to represent a problem can help lots of learners.
  3. colinbillett

    colinbillett Occasional commenter

    Like the learners, I needed a picture for this - I thought it might be using Cuisenaire rods, but I guess this is the version: http://www.thedailyriff.com/WordProblems.pdf
    So what would be the concrete model for some of these problems?
  4. sevenseals

    sevenseals New commenter

    Thanks for posting the document on Singapore Math bar model strategy. It is quite comprehensive. I think bar model could have evolved form Cuisenaire rods.
  5. sevenseals

    sevenseals New commenter

    There are new updated Singapore Maths problems.

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