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Year 4 - One hour to amaze them!

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by dttrainee, Apr 16, 2012.

  1. dttrainee

    dttrainee New commenter

    Our school has invited a local feeder primary to bring their year 4 students into the DT department for a "taster session demonstrating the work we do in the DT department.

    The idea is to impress them so much that they want to come to school here rather than the other local high school in the area.

    Can anyone suggest a simple but exciting graphics, RM, or product design project I could undertake from start to finish in an hour and ten minutes?
  2. With year 5 aged kids (both in school and at out of school activities), I've done laser cut keyrings, screen printed bags/t-shirts, LED keyrings, cotton reel "cars", cupcake decorating/baking, stamped metal pendants/keychains (normally just stamping out their names, using letter punches), and simple wooden shapes with pyrography detail, as a keychain again.
    If you're not as bothered about having something to take away at the end, material testing can be exciting - a range of materials, with a hammer, a bucket of water, and various other things to test with; teams of bridge/tower building, ways of travelling eggs to the floor without them breaking... Activities where they get to make a lot of mess, and noise :p
  3. We have always done a structures/ tower building contest in teams - but we had them for two hours - a little tight in one hour!
    On open day we engraved keyrings with names to order - pre-cut with 'D & T @ 'school name'' engraved at the bottom. The idea was that they would take them away and show friends etc. over subscribed this year by 150% - not sure how much of that was due to 'tech activities' lol. But any publicity helps!

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