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Year 4 NQT's 2010/2011

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by deleted756, Jul 16, 2010.

  1. Hi, I know what you mean. I'm going to be in year 3 and have been given all the planning and so wondering what I should do. Everyone seems to be doing so much and all I'm doing is worrying about what I'm not doing, if that makes sense.
  2. Hi all!

    I'm in year 4 (obviously), got 25 kids in my class. I've spent 3 days with them and everyone tells me I've got the nicest class in the year group. I'm looking forward to getting started, but after over 6 weeks of lying around I've started thinking about how horrid my PGCE year was at some points. Getting nervous!!

    I taught year 4 on my first placement, which seems a lonnnnng time ago now - well, almost a year! So I'm worried I'm still in my year 1/2 frame of mind from my most recent placement!

    On the plus side, I've cleared out my classroom (the previous teacher left a lot of rubbish!) and it looks pretty good now! Just worrying about the planning - I'm 3 form entry and we're divvying up subjects this week. Panicing that having a week to sort out the first half/full term is going to kill me before I even start!!!!
  3. Hi I did start another thread didn't see this one. I am in Year 4 next year - two terms to cover maternity. Hoping to get a job after that, but it is a job and goes part way towards my NQT induction :)
  4. Hello!
    Firstly congrats on getting a job!
    I have just completed my NQT year and I know how you are feeling. I noticed in your post you said about planning the first term by next week? You are right that will kill you! Dont do it! I would suggest if you are someone who has to be super organised just sort the first 2 weeks. Until you meet your class you won't be able to plan good lessons for them- you'll prob end up changing everything anyway. You need to look at the MTPs so that you know where you're headed with the objectives and stuff but I wouldn't do the weekly/ind plans until you have spent time with them.
    On the other hand if you have time and motivation to get all planned up before you start you might end up with a bit more of your Sundays left over! Everyone's different but don't feel under pressure to have everything perfect and in place because you will burn yourself out before you start!
    Also I have been in year 1 for the last yr and I'm now in a new school in yr 4 so I am also nervous! The good thing about being in 3 form entry is you should have support- hopefully your colleagues will support you and not mind the qu's. That's your best resource if you get on with them!
    Good luck![​IMG]
  5. Hey
    I was an NQT last year and if I were you I would concentrate on your behaviour management stuff and putting your stamp on the class so that your challenging class know that it is your space and they have to behave appropriately in order to be in the room. Don't worry about the planning especially if they said they have it in place already. Have two first days of icebreaker lessons ready- I am getting the kids to write applications for the classroom jobs along with a one on one interview with me. Its a good opp to see their writing and get a bit of time to chat with them. I am getting them to write their own target in a speech bubble and gonna put their pics up so they feel like it's their classroom. Oh and of course you have to decide on the rules of the room! Its quite good if you get them to sign it!
    Good luck and don't panic!
  6. Hi,
    I am also an NQT and I am going to be teaching a year 4 class in East London which is one and a half form entry. I wasn't really too worried about starting school until about an hour ago when I felt totally unprepared!
    I had year 5 placement before Christmas and a year 2 class for 9 weeks in the summer term. I can't seem to get out of year 2 mode as it feels like my lessons aren't challenging enough.
    I start school on Wednesday for an INSET day and the children are back in on Thursday. Has anyone got any good ideas for what to do on those first few days. I am going to do a writing task to see what they are capable of but is there anything I could do to see what kind of level they are at for maths?
    If anyone has any tips for the first half term would be greatly appreciated!
  7. Hi,
    I am also an NQT and year 4 teacher in leicestershire. Our school are working on the new primary curriculum which is completely different to anything I was trained for and experienced before. I have chosen the topics Rainforests, Africa, Tudors, WWII, Rise of the machines and time travellers. I have yearly planning and resources for Rainforest topic if anybody wishes to have a look. I think the easiest way to try and survive this year is by not over doing it and trying to keep things basic. We all want to plan amazing lessons all the time but its not possible. Give yourself some bread and butter lessons every week (lessons that take 10 mins to plan, structured and organised)

  8. You could do some problem solving with them - some sort of open ended task to get them thinking and discussing. Have you been given their assessment from last yrs teacher? I would plan that they have forgotten everything (they do that over summer!) and plan loads of good questioning and openended tasks for them to show you what they are capable of. Alternatively you could always test them but personally I wouldnt do that at the beginning. Don't put yourself under too much pressure to know each of their levels etc from the beginning. You are going to have a lot to take in over the next few weeks and levels will come dont worry!
    Also have you checked with the school what they do cos sometimes schools have a set time to do new assessments- mine does it in october after they have settled down a bit.
    Good luck!
  9. Hi, I am also in Year 4 as an NQT but began only last week - previous teacher didnt come back after the summer. So, I have a bare classroom and a naughty class!! Am struggling with getting them quiet at the moment - mainly the boys being silly and talking over me and everyone else.
    Planning is in place at the moment but am not too worried about that - it is just the children's behaviour. I think it will get there it is just getting their attention in the first place that is straining my voice! Lots of honey and lemon for me :)
    How is everyone getting on now school has started?

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