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Year 4 NQT's 2010/2011

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by deleted756, Jul 16, 2010.

  1. Hi Lauren,

    This sounds like a great idea! It is good to have a group specific to year four rather than such posts get lost in a sea of year 6 stuff, early years stuff etc!

    Where in the country will you be teaching? I will be teaching a year four class in a school in Westminster, London. I am going in next week to meet my class, the staff etc. Very very very scared but also excited! It feels really strange that I am going to be a real teacher....no more placements!!!

    Have you done any preparation for September?

    Kim x
  2. Hi Kim,
    That sounds great, I went into my school today for the teacher change over day to teach my class for an hour. I already know my class though as taught them on my placement which helped..and was great to see all the staff again! Have you got to teach your class next week? Do you know about any topics and stuff you will be teaching yet? I've not done much preparation yet, although i've just seen my classroom so can start thinking about displays etc now! How about you? Can't believe i'm going to be a real teacher either!!haha. It's a school in Croydon..outer London. have you taught Year 4 before on placements?
    Lauren x
  3. s_teach

    s_teach New commenter

    I have year 4 aswell for my NQT year this September! I am really nervous. I am going to go into school to meet the class and thr staff next week. I had year 4 before in 2 of my placements (one was 5 weeks and the final one 8 weeks) and I really enjoyed working with them and had a great time. The school I am in (East London) uses the International Primary Curriculum. None of my placement schools used this so this is something very new to me that I'm just going to have to get used to. Other than that my school seems great and I am really exited to start in September! I haven't done any preparation for September, I don't really know what to do. Maybe when I go in the school I will have a look at my class and see what resources are/ are not available and take it from there. I agree it feels so surreal I still can;t believe I have a job! Good luck!
    S x
  4. Hi,
    I met my class two weeks ago; the children were a
    challenging but lovely bunch. I have taught Year 4 during Supply days
    but it is the first time to have my own class.
    I have been
    told by my other Year 4 colleague that I do not need to worry about
    planning or preparing for resources- so i'm relaxing for a bit now.
    Enjoy the holidays everyone!
  5. Hi everyone, i'm also teaching Year 4 in September, in a school in Bromley. Looking forward to starting, but am slightly nervous. I'm meeting my class properly on monday, going to be with them for 40 minutes getting to know them :) i've breifly planned what i'm going to do with them, but only got told about it yesterday! Has anyone met their class yet, and if so, have you played any games/ used any activities that went really well that you would recommend? Thanks :)
    Greta xx
  6. I have a 3/4 class in Bury, Manchester and I am sooo excited! I went into school for the first time yesterday and everyone was so lovely and welcoming! I've already been invited out for 3 staff do's! I meet my class properly on Monday and I have an afternoon with them, i'm taking a shoe box of 'all about me' so they can get to know me better, just things like photos, my favourite book etc. After some circle time games i'm getting them to draw a self-portrait onto a pre-cut star so that I can do a 'We're a class of superstars!' display ready for September and i'm going to leave a space to choose a star of the week. Does that sound ok?
    I also found out from my NQT mentor, who is also the Deputy Head, that the school does topic based planning and that I can choose whatever topics I want and teach them for as long as I want! Sounds fab but also a little scared that i'll pick something totally wrong for my class and struggle to make it last for a half-term or more. Does anyone have any ideas? I was thinking of asking the children what they would like to do next year as a starting point, hopefully i'll get some inspiration from that!
    This is a fab idea for a thread... keep the ideas/help coming :)
    Sarah x
  7. Hiya,
    Im also an NQT gunna b teaching year 4 in September! Got a one term fixed contract but really hoping it will be extended!!

    Just wondered what displays and things people will be preparing ready for September?

    x x
  8. Hi,
    I live in Northern Ireland and I'm moving to England in August. I will be teaching a year 4 class in Dover!

    I 'm really excited and i've visited the school already . .but i won't get the opportunity to meet the class until sept.
    I've done no planning yet because I don't know what topics they have already been taught in prevous years. I don't want to plan for something and then not even use it. Is it wrong to just leave the plannig until I meet my class in Sept to plan?

  9. Sillow

    Sillow Lead commenter

    I'm not an NQT (finished yesterday!) but had a tricky Year 4 class in Inner London. If you want any planning help, behaviour management strategies or just someone to moan to, give me a shout!
    Year 4 is, in my opinion, the best year! And I'm pleased I'm in there again next year.
    Good luck!
  10. Hi I am an NQT and will be working in YR4 class in East London. I know the school as I worked as HLTA in the same school. I have not worked in YR4 before and am nervous.
    My main concern is that the school is introducing topic based creative curriculum this year and all lesson plans need to be prepared from scratch.
    good luck to everyone!
  11. Well hello! I've never posted anything on here before but thought this thread was most interesting. I'm also an NQT in Yr 4 come September. I've completed the GTP and based in mainly 1 school for the year and so really looking forward tot he prospect of re-inventing myself come my new class.
    I've got the Topic of Megastructures for my creative curriculum and so hoping to get a couple of wks planning done for that over the holidays along with a wk of Numeracy & Literacy - do you thin kthis is enough to keep on track?
  12. Hi! I am also an NQT teaching Year 4 from September. I have taught Year 1, 3 and 5 on placement but am really looking forward to Year 4. I met my class last week and they were lovely. I have been given our topic for next term- the Carribbean - sounds like it will be fun! Not sure where to start, though possibly some background reading and thinking of a few ideas. Then we have some INSET days at the end of the holiday, so I think planning will be done with the two other Year 4 teachers. Very strange to think that I will be the ACTUAL teacher next term! I am going in for a few days before the INSETs to sort out the classroom- very exciting but also daunting!
  13. Hey, what a great idea! I am an NQT starting with a year 4 class in September. What preparation are you doing? I'm trying to get my head around the planning. How much are you preparing before you start? Mine is a single entry school, so I'm pretty much on my own. I can't wait to get started though! Already been in my class and taken pictures so I can work out how to put my stamp on it!
    Good luck for everyone! Think we'd be a bit odd if we didn't find the whole thing a bit daunting!
  14. Join the club!

    I'm also teaching year 4 next year - that's the plan anyway! Currently don't feel like I have a CLUE what I'm doing and feel like everything I did on the PGCE hasn't helped at all!
    Hopefully in September when I'm up there doing it it will all come back but don't feel much like a teacher at the mo!
    Met my class and they are tricky!
    I'm teaching in 1 form entry in Manchester so feel a bit on my own. Really don't understand the planning my school uses - topic based but weird topics I can't find any guidance on! Argh!
    VERY nervous! Whats everyone doing in preparation?
    Good luck!
  15. zozo1

    zozo1 New commenter

    Hi I'm a year 4 NQT too :) I taught year 4 in my last placement
    though and I really enjoyed the year group. I have met my class twice
    (whilst their normal teacher was teaching) although they held the
    transition day the day that I was appointed so I missed it :|
    I taught a Caribbean topic on my final placement so I can give you some ideas.
    Literacy we did stories from other cultures (I used Gregory Cool, The Duppy in the Dark (their favourite) and the Anancy stories), and persuasion (wrote to ask the Headteacher if we could go on a class trip to the Caribbean).
    Maths - I didn't link this at all really except for the data handling topic which we linked to organising what Caribbean food they wanted for the Carnival.
    Topic (History and Geography mixed) - I looked at the different countries as I was determined not to just do a case study focusing on St Lucia or Jamaica for example when all the countries are different. For the History I did the slave trade and got the children to sit under their desks as if on slave boats had a pretend slave auction.
    DT - made carnival masks and props for a Carnival
    PE - Marble cricket (like normal cricket but bowler and batter must kneel on one knee), circle games, Dance!!! (I loved the dance unit best of all, we looked at Soca, Reggae, Traditional Carnival, Calypso and Limbo).
    On the last day we held a Carnival with games and fruit and smoothies and music and dancing and bright coloured clothing - it was brilliant!

  16. Hi dickdeb & all other NQTs - congratulations one and all for getting to where you are today [​IMG]
    I will have a year 4 class of only 17 - result, but huge expectations from senior management for progression through this year. It's daunting but thats what we've signed up for. You don't do 4 years of uni & school based work to back out when you get offered a job!
    I too have termly topics but my teaching practice was creative curriculum based, so I'm finding it a little difficult to equate previous planning methods to QCA schemes of work. I'm working on the basis that if I can meet the Learning Objectives then the process & activities can be tweeked to the kids interests & current events - kicking off with Romans & they've just unearthed a mosaic at Chedworth Roman Villa - nice. This will link into my literacy with newspaper reports & Year 4 is working with historical texts so my diary of a roman girl I found in my daughters bookcase will work well too.
    Can I ask all other NQTs - are you planning any form of assessment of your class at the start of term? It's just that I want to get a handle on where they are after the summer hols, but I'm not sure how to go about it. Would the obligatory 'what I did during the summer holidays' be too boring for a literacy assessment? I'm thinking of bringing in strange & wonderful objects for the children to write about, what it looks like, who owns it, what's its purpose etc - what do you think? As for maths I thought about a maths vocabulary thought shower & the class can highlight the aspects they feel confident in & underline those areas where they are unsure.
    Any kind of hints, comments and tips would be appreciated.
    Enjoy your summer
  17. Lauren, I am also working in a school in croydon! what school is yours? I want to get in there and prepared! xxx
  18. Hi everyone, hope you're all enjoying the summer so far!
    I'm starting my NQT year in September with a mixed year 3/4 class - have been in and met them all when I taught the transition day in June, but having been into the empty classroom for the first time today I am now sooo nervous!!!
    Frantically trying to think of all the things I need to do and organise, so it's a real relief to come on here and know that other people are in the same position :)

    Louise x
  19. Thanks zozo1- some great ideas to think about!
  20. inferno6

    inferno6 New commenter

    Hi guys,

    just thought I'd add myself to this list as I'll be teaching yr4 too! I did my PGCE in Early Years so my placements were Year 1, reception and nursery. I've taught yr4 on supply but never planned for them! Eeek!! My school have informed me that all the planning is already done, but I was unable to obtain a copy before the holidays, so that is panicking me a little also.
    The school is open this week for us to go in and 'prepare our classrooms' but what the bleep does that even mean?!
    The panic is setting in now!!! When I met my class in July they were a little more than challenging to say the least!!

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