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Year 4 NQTs 2009-10

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by charlottie1986, Jul 13, 2009.

  1. Hey everyone.

    I'm going to be a Year 4 teacher in a few weeks' time too.

    Unlike MagicBeans, I have far too many displays to fill- 13 to be exact! The previous class teacher was a long term supply, so all of the displays were her own, and she's taken them with her!

    Can anyone think of any activities we could do in the first two days (Thursday and Friday- they are off curriculum) that will produce some nice display work? Even if it's only temporary, I need something up as there are rumours we have an Ofsted due :-|

    Thanks :)
  2. Hi everyone,
    I'm going to be in Year 4 for my NQT year too and am really looking forward to having my own class. I am staying the sam school I did my GTP in and taught nearly every different class last year! Although as the holidays whizz by quickly I am getting quite nervous - its reassuring that i'm not the only one who feels like this : )
    My school go back on a Thursday too and have been thinking of what to do with the class. I think that its probably a good idea not to try and do too much and bombard the kids right on the first couple of days as there seems to be so many things that need to be done anyway like class rules, getting to know the names, explaining procedures, sorting exercise books, timetable, explaining reward systems etc! I am going to do some getting to know you games and activities and question and answer sessions about year 4, for a display I am going to get each child to do an "All about me" poster which has space for pictures and interesting facts etc...will help me find out more about them and also see some writing etc and will look nice on wall! I was thinking about doing a little maths and english, mostly revision things to get them back into it after hols and look at their levels etc. Maybe some mental maths, a quiz maybe?
    How much actual planning for the term have others of you done? I can't believe the hols are going so quickly and am starting to get panicky! I am going to go into school on the week before we go back to sort everything but am thinking i should be planning now as well??!!

    Would be great to hear what others are doing!
    Thanks, Saz
  3. Hello!

    I'll be an NQT in year 4 too! I've met my class and they seem a little unruly but fingers crossed I'll be able to get them under control! My TA seems lovely and very eager to please!

    I'm not sure what the procedures are for planning yet...am hoping that I'll be able to catch up with my mentor and fellow year 4 teacher for help! Anyone else in the same boat?

    I'm sorting my displays and things out at the moment but was hoping to pich some ideas from the other teachers - they've not done them yet though! I'm both excited and nervous about September!
  4. Sillow

    Sillow Lead commenter

    Hello to all new posters in this thread! It's definitely nice to know there are others who feel exactly the same... I am getting nervous and excited all in one. I haven't started planning in depth yet, as I, too, have a Year 4 colleague to plan with. Although I do know the first topic is WW2 and Moving and Growing in Science. It's nice to know there are a couple more weeks to get things sorted!
    I have a "passport" pack thing that I got from somewhere here, because I don't know my class at all, really. It's got space for them to write things they like, tell me who their friends are in the class, draw a picture of themself etc. I'm planning on stapling these into booklets and putting them on display, as I'm hoping they'll do them on the first day. Some I'll staple closed, others open on various pages. I'm not sure how much time I'll have off timetable, though. My school starts back on the Thursday, too!
    If you haven't already, check out the time savers thread (maybe in Primary section?). I've gone through the whole thing and written down everything I thought useful. One great tip I saw was to create a worry box, so kids can post things in there that are bothering them. I know there's been some friction between some of the girls in my class, so I'm hoping to keep an eye on it and this should help. I'm going to turn a cardboard box into a great-looking worry box!
    Any other tips?
  5. Hi :)

    I'm going into a mixed Year 3/4 class for my NQT year but the class is made up of 20 year 4 and 8 Year 3 so predominantly Year 4. I've already met my class and they seem a lovely little bunch with a few characters :) I have already planned for the first few weeks but that's without seeing a class timetable so that might always change. We're starting with Space (creative curriculum) and while I am myself getting excited about the unit, trying to determine what to include and what to miss out is giving me a few sleepless nights. Sharing ideas sounds like a great idea!
    Wishing everyone well for their first few days :)

  6. Went into school today and my classroom was in a right mess!! It took me 3 hours to clear the drawers out and move the tables around. I wanted to have a look at the planning but had no energy left after all the clearing out.
    Does anyone else know thrie daily timetable, or do we just do our own? I need to know when my PPA/NQT time is, assembly time, Hall and ICT rotas etc. Feel a bit like I'm in limbo as ther is no one about who can help me with this! I have 2 INSET days before school starts, so i guess i can sort it then. Also, I haven't sorted my children into maths/lit/reading groups as yet- should I wait until INSET day? Can't find this information from last teacher. I have all their big profile files but that wull take ages to go through them all and find levels etc for each one when I know its probably all on a bit of paper somewhere!

    Sorry for rant, a little stressed over the small stuff!!
  7. Hey Toffeegirl, don't worry I think we're all stressed about the same stuff! I know I've got to do a timetable for first three introductory days, so that's pretty much what I want- things like decorating books, reward system, expectations, PSHE, a bit of maths and English for assessment, class novel etc etc. Don't know any whole class slots yet like hall or ICT, am going to just plan what I want to do and then fit it around the timetable when I know, then at least you have stuff planned and you can just move it if you need to. I've got group info from previous teacher so am going to use that to group them for first week or so, but am going to do some maths/ writing assessment and see if anyone needs moving about until I get to know them better- will try fit in lots of group/ individual work in first couple of weeks. I wouldn't spend loads of time going through their files as you might just change your mind as soon as you meet them! Maybe do some assessments and put them roughly in 3 groups or something, then break it down more when you have more of an idea, unless you can chat to their teacher from last year on INSET days to get an idea. I've got two new girls starting so have just put them in the middle group for each to start, don't know if this is a good idea but I figured it would allow me to see if work is pitched too high/low for them. I think it will all become clear when we start! Despite several first day nightmares this week I am starting to get very excited!!!
  8. Charlottie, can I ask what you're going to use as writing/maths assessments? Think this is a great idea but just wondering what others are using to get an idea of levels (although I do have the previous teachers assessments too which is v useful!).
    Have you done your timetable for first few days yet anyone? How much maths/literacy is everyone doing?
    I'm going to be teaching year 3/4 and am getting quite scared! Done MT plans for the term but need to plan in a bit more detail for the first week so it's useful to get ideas from everyone! How come they never tell you this stuff on the PGCE?!
  9. Sillow,could I be really cheeky and ask if you could email me the passport pack you're using? This is a great idea!
    Cheers x
  10. Sillow

    Sillow Lead commenter

    You've got mail, Sarah!
  11. Hi!!im also an NQT and have year 4 in september!!as it gets closer to the time im getting more scared as i keep thinking of more things i need to do!!!i love the idea of the passport and was wondering if you would mind emailing it to me also?thanks!!:)
  12. Sillow

    Sillow Lead commenter

    Let me know your email, Cam!

  13. I am kind of in the same boat. I know the planning procedures (I co-plan with fellow Y4 teacher), although, despite the Head asking us to meet up over summer, she is insisting that we plan on the curriculum days on the Thurs/Fri before the kids come back! So I have felt a little uneasy this summer with nothing to prepare for. I have a brief overview of what is being covered each week in Maths for first half term. And a list if parents evening dates. Thats all. I feel a bit thrown in at the deep end and like I dont know what I'm doing :S
  14. Could I have a copy too? (I know you'll be sick of this by now). It's just I found something similar somewhere else that I was considering using, but yours sounds more detailed.

    Thanks so much.x
  15. Sillow

    Sillow Lead commenter

    Been sent to you, Magic!
  16. my email is CAMLOCH@hotmail.com! Thanks so much![​IMG]
  17. Sillow

    Sillow Lead commenter

    Emailed to you, Cam. [​IMG]
  18. Hi,
    this year will be my second year with Yr4. I had the same problem last year. What I plan to do this year [adapted from last year] is to take a photograph of each child's head, print them onto A4 in B&W then cut them in half and stick half a head onto a sheet of A£. Then they have to draw and colour the rest of the head. If you keep the other half, anyone who rushes can be told ' it doesn't match the other half; is one of your eyes really that small?; are you actually red-faced' and be given the other half to try again. When completed they can be put up on display.
    [this one is taken from a move-up day suggestion - involves a bit of work but fills in a fair bit of class-room time as well]. Give each child an A5 piece of paper. Get them to draw a picture suitable for a birthday card [or print out some pre-printed patterns to colour]. Make sure they do not put any names on the paper. Then they stick the paper onto a folded piece of card and inside write 'Happy Birthday from your friends in class 4?' [ I got mine to stick in a pre=printed greeting] and collect them in. Next give them a sheet with a list of the class and a box next to the name. In the box they write something they like or something that child is good at. When they have finished you collect them in and cut out the comments, put them together with a card and then present it to the child on their birthday. My class this year really enjoyed getting the comments especially as they didn't know who had written them. I have a template for this somewhere I will try and find if you want it.
    I also have a sheet where they colour a face to show how they feel about subjects/school activities and it asks them who they work well with/shouldn't be near. I find this helps with table groups.

  19. Oops! Should be A3 paper [not A£].
  20. Hi Everyone

    I am yet another NQT teaching Year 4 and I'm ridiculously nervous! I'm finally allowed into my classroom tomorrow after being banned all summer - redecorating the school meant it was out of bounds to all teachers.
    I have to admit I have no idea what I'm doing. I have been given no planning - I've rung them and emailed them but unfortunately they seem to be pretty unorganised. So I'm hoping that tomorrow I will be enlightened with what topics I will be teaching and what space in my classroom I have to fill. I've found everyone's ideas really helpful and I imagine I'll be on here tomorrow afternoon desperately searching for ideas!

    kckelsa - I was wondering if I could have a template for your card idea?
    Thanks everyone,
    Lizzie x

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