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Year 4 NQTs 2009-10

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by charlottie1986, Jul 13, 2009.

  1. I had a quick look and couldn't spot any thread on here for this yet but if I'm wrong please show me where! Saw some people had done Year 3/2/1 threads for sharing ideas etc and thought it might be nice for Year 4 to do the same! Although if PGCE was anything to go by we will probably look on here for the next few weeks and then that will be it until summer because we will be too busy! But it's a thought.

    What have people got planned for their first day/ few days?
    Any good ideas for classroom organisation/ first term display ideas?
  2. MillyStar

    MillyStar New commenter

    I have year 4 as well, I've met my class and they are a nice bunch but I will have to be firm with them, I think I was too friendly when I first saw them! I have 28 children, a nice big classroom and a very experienced TA so very happy!
  3. Leicester_Vics

    Leicester_Vics New commenter

    Good Luck guys!

    I've just finished my NQT year and had Year 4. I'm staying in the same year group. Really loved my first year as the kids are a great age. Young enough to still be slightly cute in some of their ways but not quite old enough to have developed the 5/6 attitude!

    I'd say make the most of your 1st class. I spent all year moaning about them but am gutted they're not mine anymore.

    If you guys need any help just shout in my direction!
  4. Am in exactly the same position as Vics (just finished NQT year in Year 4). I too think they're the perfect primary year - old enough to be independent but not old enough to be too bolshy! Would be similarly happy to share ideas if anyone wants a brain to pick!
  5. *Daisie*

    *Daisie* New commenter

    I've been looking for a thread like this too. I met my class yesterday (34 of them!)
    We're doing WW2 for our first topic and I can't wait to get started!
  6. Leicester_Vics

    Leicester_Vics New commenter

    World War 2 is a lovely topic to study. The kids loved it. We ended the summer term with a big VE day party. Was amazing!

    My topics last year were the Tudors, India and WW2.
    This year we're doing Romans, Scotland and Egyptians.

    Really looking forward to it. Years 3/4 have fab topics!
  7. I've got 28 too, 34 is a lot! We're doing Invaders and Settlers and Earth and Beyond first, if anyone wants to share ideas about that. I think we def have the best year!Cx
  8. I've got Y4 as well, first topic is India (Creative Curriculum) -trying to think of ideas to tie the other subjects in if anyone has any!
    Met my class, they are lovely, one is rather difficult, but I can handle one! I have only 20 as well! yay! Know what you mean about being nice on the meetig day- I feel a bit like that too!
  9. Leicester_Vics

    Leicester_Vics New commenter

    I did India as my spring term topic.

    We did lots of work on comparing/contrasting to our local area.
    For Art, we made clay lamps with Indian patterns, ours were based on a cube design but you could make it slightly more simple and make diva lamps.
    In D&T we did the money containers unit. The kids made purses, by tie-dying their fabric, then using Indian printing blocks and then sewed it all together. Look really good.
    In P.E, there's lots you can do on Indian dancing.
    Literacy, you could do stories from other cultures.
  10. Sillow

    Sillow Lead commenter

    Hello fellow Year 4 NQTs! Yay, we've got a Year 4 thread! I was looking, but couldn't see one.
    I went into my school today, met the class and got to check out my new classroom, supplies, furniture etc. It's all very exciting! The only thing I'm not really sure about is what to do during my first couple of days. The kids go back on the Thursday and I'm aware that I'll have to do stuff like class rules and things, but the rest of the time I'm not sure. Any suggestions will be gratefully received!
    Nice to see other people who are Year 4 NQTs. I've got WW2 as my first major topic, should be interesting, and a trip to the IWM.
    Oh, and I got my register today! Seriously, my school doesn't do electronic registers so I have a real life book register with those special little folded pages... Am I sad that I'm excited about that!
    BTW, will be an NQT in Greenwich, if there's anyone else out there who'll be around there too.
    Can't wait to share resources and ideas with you all! :)
  11. aztec568

    aztec568 New commenter

    Hello All,

    I too teach Year 4. I started my NQT year in January and I'm really looking forwrd to starting a fresh new class who will be mine from the start in September. Also looking forward to getting all my plans sorted this summer and getting all sorts of things prepared for the next year ahead. i also have year 3/4 for maths and would love to share any ideas or pass on any tips.

    Agree with all the above comments about the benefits of teaching year 4! Speak soon.
  12. Thank you Leicester Vics, thoses are some great ideas, hadn't thought of clay and I know it has to be fitted in somewhere!
    Did you do any indian cookery? I was thing Indian sweets might be easier than curry type dishes. The real problem I have is the science- would cookery count, or would that go uner DT now?
    Thanks again for your ideas!
  13. ive got year 4 too, still not 100% on the topics il be covering but going in tomorrow to confirm. All the planning that i've seen so far is straight from QCA which im not really a fan of! xxx
  14. Sillow

    Sillow Lead commenter

    I have QCA stuff, too, Mel! We're doing the history topic on children in WW2 and Moving and Growing in Science. Still, at least it's something to adapt, rather than have to do completely from scratch!
    I went into school today to rearrange the classroom. I finally got a layout I liked, created a little reading corner etc. My display boards are completely empty, but that'll keep 'til next week!
  15. good first day activity, give each one a piece of a3 and fold it over, they do their face then cut round it so there is another piece exactly the same shape, on the other piece they draw what is inside their heads ie what are their favourite things

    will take about two hours up and can also be a colourful display
  16. Hi everyone,
    I hope you're all enjoying the summer.
    Could anyone please tell me what the PE units for Year Four from the
    LCP file are? I'm starting in Year Four in September but have not been
    given the LCP as it has been mislaid! If anyone would be kind enough
    to e-mail me over the unit plans, that would be fantastic. [Pasta (dot)
    lover (at) live (dot) co (dot) uk]
  17. Leicester_Vics

    Leicester_Vics New commenter

    No worries Toffee! We did do cooking but as a part of our India Day, the children made indian biscuits and burfi (not sure if that is how it's spelt) which is basically an Indian coconut ice. I work ina school which is predominantly muslim children so lots of them eat indian food everyday and knew lots of recipes anyway so cooking wasn't a majro factor.
    Food fits into D&T, not sure if it's Year 4 though, think it's a 3 D&T topic but because we have a 2 year rolling programme (some mixed year groups) I have to do it next year.

    The science topics for year 4 are:
    Unit 4A. Moving and growing
    Unit 4B. Habitats
    Unit 4C. Keeping warm
    Unit 4D. Solids, liquids and how they can be separated
    Unit 4E. Friction
    Unit 4F. Circuits and conductors
  18. kennybase

    kennybase New commenter

    Hi all,
    I've got Year 4 too :) Just finished PGCE and excited to get into the classroom. Met my the class on Monday and they seem nice, and full of characters - a good challenge!

    Topic when we go back is Pole to Pole, and Circuits and Conductors for Science.
    So much to prepare for September - been busy printing labels for their books this week - so glad I don't have to write them out!

  19. Hi!
    I am starting my NQT year in Year 4 in September and I'm getting really excited now! Although they're quite a tough bunch!
    I'm not sure whether to go straight into teaching on the first day or not, or whether to just have the first morning as 'getting to know you' activities. What are your plans?
    I dont have many display areas in my classroom so I am struggling to prioritise my displays! I'm having a star of the week board and maths/lit displays. Then a topic display, our first one is India. I'll start off by filling it with pics and infomation but will take these down and replace with work once we get going.


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