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Year 4 NQT

Discussion in 'Primary' started by mrobson87, Jul 1, 2012.

  1. Hi all NQTs! I am looking for any fellow NQTs who are starting in year 4. I thought it would be a great idea to share resources, lessons, problems etc!
  2. Hello!
    I am a fellow NQT who will teaching year 4 from September. I've taught year four at another school for a term already and I've retained some resources I used/didn't use during this time. I'll be happy to share them with you when I have a little more time. Anything in particular you need?
    Have you done your transition day yet?
  3. Firerose

    Firerose New commenter

    I've taught year 4 for three years and about to leave for year 6. It's a lovely year group. They are independent enough for you to trust them giving things out and helping! But they are still 'little' enough to get excited by stickers, trips and to be fooled by drama and role play!
  4. I'm going to be starting in Year 4 in September. Very excited although quite nervous too! So much to think about! Get to meet my class on the 18th so am trying to think of ideas for my 'Meet your new teacher session'. So far I have a short circle time type thing where I find out information about them such as names, any brothers and sisters,what they are looking forward to/worried about in year 4. Then making labels for their tray/pegs (depending on what my school uses as I can't remember off the top of my head) and then finally making a generic birthday card for someone else in the class which we will then randomly pick out of a bag during the rest of the year when it is someone's birthday. Although I still have to find out how long the session is. Anyone have any other tips for Year 4?
  5. rightasrain

    rightasrain New commenter

    I will be starting in year 4 in September too :)
    Very excited for it but also slightly apprehensive because of all the things you don't have to think about when your on teaching practice! I have made a huge to do list for the next few weeks to prepare, from little things to labels to creating folders for assessment/guided reading etc. I'm glad firerose mentioned they are still little enough to like stickers!
  6. rightasrain

    rightasrain New commenter

    woops.. Should have proof read *you're!
  7. Hi,

    Just thought I'd join in, I will also be teaching a year 4 class as of September. I'm going in this Wednesday to do the transfer day and trying to come up with ideas for that at the moment. I love the one about making a birthday card but I'm only having my class for a term so don't think I can do that sadly :-( I saw another idea where you get nice pencils and put each child's name and birthday on a sticker on it, put them in a pot and on their birthday they get the pencil to keep - it doesn't take up display space, is a present for them and you know you haven't missed anyone as all the pencils go!

    Good luck to all of you and I'm looking forward to sharing ideas and stories with you!
  8. I am going tomorrow to meet my class. I am going to get them to do portraits and a label to go under, decorate a leaf with their favourite book, author etc for a reading tree and some circle activities. I love the birthday pencil idea! I will definitely be using that. I am more nervous about meeting the staff than the class!
    Good luck to all of you for your induction day!
  9. Trixie1

    Trixie1 New commenter

    I'm meeting my first and new class on Wednesday (eek)! Great ideas - thanks
  10. Hi all,
    I'm also an NQT teaching Year 4 from September. Excited but slightly terrified at the same time! There is so much to do!
    I'm meeting my class tomorrow soI have my fingers crossed that it all goes ok. I only get about 20mins with them so I'm thinking about doing the postcard idea that is mentioned on the transition day forums.
  11. I worked in year 4 for several years before moving back into KS1. When I was in year 4 I always took the children's photos before transition day and then printed out half of the photo, A4 size. They had to complete the other half of their portrait and I used them to create a "we are year 4" display for September. Also got them to complete a "ten facts about me" sheet. When they were finished I read out some of the facts and the children had to guess who I was talking about. They loved doing that.
  12. Hi,
    I'm also an NQT starting in September in Year 4. I had lots of ideas for transition day, mainly from the resources on the TES website, in particular the book of ideas, but I really like some of all your ideas. Is anyone setting any summer holiday homework? If so, I was wondering what everyone was going to do. [​IMG]
  13. Hi! Im also going to be an NQT teaching year 4 from September and Ive set up a group on facebook specifically for people who are doing the same :)
    We currently have 61 members and the plan is to all share good tips, websites, resources etc which might be helpful to other year 4 nqts. Youre more than welcome to join too if you havent already
  14. trying to find this group on facebook but cant :(

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