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Year 4 maths interview help!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by rhiannond87, May 27, 2008.

  1. Just been looking on a couple of websites, do any other Year 4 teachers use compass points and mapping in their maths lessons? If so, how do you do it?

    ROSIEGIRL Lead commenter

  3. Thank you both so much :)
  4. teachtigger

    teachtigger New commenter

  5. If you know you have an IWB and really want to use coordinates, I have a really simple treasure map on ppt that I made for Year 4 - it is very simple but the children loved it. I can email it to you if think it would be useful.
  6. Thanks guys, these re excellent ideas and as a geographer trying to make the transition- it will be an excellent bonus for me!

    My email address is rhiannond87@hotmail.com sorry laptop is sticking a bit!!
  7. You have mail.
  8. You have mail too!
  9. Thanks for that gorgeous. The pictures are great. I was just wondering how did you use the PPT with the class?
  10. I just used it as a m/o starter - children worked in pairs with whiteboards to guess where the treasure was and had to give the correct coordinates - they then came up to the board to check their predictions. We did go on to the whole class making their own treasure maps in ICT, which they loved and produced much more imaginative ones than mine. I also linked it to outdoor maths - playing battleships on the playground - either side of the brick planters - during outdoor maths week. Just made 'along the corridor and up the stairs' a bit more relevant.

  11. Thanks. I was just wondering if you had put hyperlinks into the map as well as from the treasure items as I couldn't find them.. I think I will try and do that.
  12. Erm - not quite sure why you couldn't find the links. If you run the powerpoint show all the squares are hyperlinked to either the treasure or just a picture of a pirate - then the hyperlink takes you back to the map. Is it not working for you? I have several versions - so that the treasure is not always in the same place - I hope I have not sent you one that doesn't work. Let me know and I will send you another version.

  13. Sorry. Just tried a few squares before and got impatient. Must be more systematic!!!! Thanks is brilliant. Have planned to design a treasure map next week so this will be fab to intorduce the idea to the class.

  14. Hansy84

    Hansy84 New commenter

    Hi there, I've got a Year 4 maths interview lesson tomorrow and was hoping to use venn/carroll diagrams for the 10 min interactive session but was thinking about co-ordinates too.
    Would you be able to email me your powerpoint? Would appreciate it very much. Thanks.
    My email is h.v.williams22@hotmail.co.uk

  15. Powerpoint sounds fab! Can I be cheeky and ask for a copy too? I'm starting to run out of creative ideas and this sounds just the thing.
  16. Hope its not too late for you, but have sent the power point.

  17. Hansy84

    Hansy84 New commenter

    Thank you very much. I have clicked on some of the squares and nothing seems to be happening? They look like there's something there but nothing happens.
    Thank you for sending it though!
  18. You have to have it playing in slide show.

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