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Year 4 lesson - without involving writing

Discussion in 'Religious Education' started by Autumn87, Feb 2, 2012.

  1. Autumn87

    Autumn87 New commenter

    Thank you very much for your ideas!
    I wouldn't be able to get anyone in to visit (or take the children out), unfortunately, but I will definitely think about using interviews anyway, even just with class members and TAs, though most of the children are the same religion. It could still be fun to interview each other, particularly about our special places and places of worship.
  2. BlueJuno

    BlueJuno New commenter

    Why not try a little philosophy with them?

    Purely based on developing their ability to ask questions, formulate ideas and listen effectively to one another?

    It's great fun and is purely verbal! You could simply present them with an item of worship (perhaps one they haven't come across before e.g. yad pointer) or show them a picture (e.g. hijab) and encourage them to freely explore their thoughts...

    I'd start by getting them to formulate questions, then democratically choose one for exploration, then encourage discussion through 'circle-time' activities (I often use a ball or talking stick to to encourage engagement, listening etc.)

    I've got some resources that can support you with leading a philosophical discussion if you'd like me to upload them? Although I am secondary and they may need adapting....

    Alternatively CLEO (google it) have some excellent virtual tours....you could explore beliefs through an examination of places of worship. If I remember rightly there's a great tour of a Hindu Temple...

  3. Autumn87

    Autumn87 New commenter

    That is a fantastic idea Blue! I considered the idea of a debate but wasn't sure how best to structure it, that sounds fantastic though. I will google CLEO now. If you wouldn't mind, uploading those resources would be just a life saver?
  4. BlueJuno

    BlueJuno New commenter

    No problem, glad I could be of help! I'll have a look to see what would be most useful for you and upload this afternoon. Let me know if you need any help with any of it. Blue.
  5. BlueJuno

    BlueJuno New commenter

    Can you give me your email? Some of the stuff I have belongs to another teacher; it would be useful to you but I don't feel comfortable uploading someone else's work without their permission. I'll upload my resources as discussed. Blue.
  6. BlueJuno

    BlueJuno New commenter

    Hi, resources uploaded. Also, please see this link for virtual tours...http://www.360spin.co.uk/qtvr/bolton/hindutemple.htm
    If you want some more P4C guidelines let me know and I'll email them.
  7. Autumn87

    Autumn87 New commenter

    Thank you SO much! Check your inbox :)
  8. durgamata

    durgamata Occasional commenter

    Coming to this late as busy this week but

    interested to read the thread about your year 4 lesson. How did it go? Have you come across Sue Philips and her role-play based activities. Also, if you wish to do something different again, I am available to come in to give RE workshops on any aspect of RE expenses only at the moment. As a Specialist RE teacher with 20 years of experience I can prepare whatever you like and combine it with an art activity too. Or you can just hotseat me and the children can ask about my own faith, why I became an RE teacher and am so passionate about it, what I have learned about Hinduism through being married into a Hindu family -

    This goes for everyone. Just because I am offering my workshops expenses only does not mean that they are 'cheap' - just that I appreciate the pressure schools and departments are under in the current economic climate and don't want to add pressure. My aim is to support RE teachers and classes of all ages - to share my knowledge and passion and to serve God, if you like, by using the skills and experiences I have been given over the years, by sharing and hopefully inspiring the new generation to love this subject which I believe to be vitally important to their lives and to our society and world as a whole.

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