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Year 4 - English - Newspaper articles - HELP

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Mrs_Twit, Jan 17, 2010.

  1. Hi,
    I'm a student and I need to plan a week of Literacy lessons (5) about writing newspaper articles, for a Year 4 class with achievement-levels ranging from G&T to SEN.
    Obviously I need to start at the beginning - even the G&Ts don't sit and read a Guardian while they're eating their Ready Brek of a morning! =D I am starting on Monday with a short (20min) session.
    This is what I find challenging: forgetting all my prior knowledge and going right back to where the kids are at. The ultimate aim of this week is going to be for the kids to write pieces, in the style of newspaper articles, about the book we're sharing at storytime. So I need to get them to understand what newspaper articles are for, conventions of them, etc etc before I have a HOPE of getting them to write their own!
    ANY ideas for ways in? Where to start? Lesson/activity ideas? Fun stuff rather than me lecturing at them "headlines must be short and snappy etc (yawn)"!
    My targets are:
    - to have less teacher talk (!),
    - more visual/auditory/kinesthetic activities to get and keep the kids engaged
    - and effective planning for the TA (and for guided groups for me to lead).

    This is so daunting, planning a SERIES of lessons. All I've had to do so far is teach ONE and then hand back to the REAL TEACHER!!!!!
    Your ideas very much appreciated, thank you! xx
  2. There are some free one-page newspaper style quizzes on recent news events at www.homeworkclub.co.uk. Kids love doing them and this would be a good starting point for you.
  3. Hi there, look in TES resources loads of ideas. I teach y4 and we had great time doing this unit we linked it to our new creative curriculum- where weve been time travellers and wrote about the discovery of Tuts tomb filled with treasures! Would send my planning but dont think it will fit with yours, we took in lots of "suitable" newspapers in -also used First News a childrens newspaper which our school subscribes to- and got the children to work in mixed ability groups to list features-headlines, paragraphs, columns, photographs etc. we used a site ngfl cymru I think which had interactive page where the children looked at report and labelled it-interesting. This talked about who,what,when, where etc-Sorry this sounds very muddled but hope its of some use!!!
  4. hey, thanks SO much for the replies.
    i like the idea of mixed ability groups to identify the features of a newspaper articles. i think i will definitely use that later on in the week; they like working in groups and if i give them a sample article to annotate it's visual and formative. hurrah!
    can i ask for some specific advice on the first session, tomorrow? i'm particularly nervous because it's an observed session. and it's only 20mins!
    i feel like leaping in to look at features and conventions is too fast. so i'm looking for ideas for a nice way in? so far i have:
    1) in talk partners, brainstorm as many different forms of writing as you can think of (i'll give a couple of examples to get them going, e.g. recipes and poems)
    2) feedback as whole class so we have a shared brainstorm up on the board - and HOPE someone says newspaper articles/non-fiction so i can circle this and go from here!
    3) here's where i lose focus a bit. i want to get across to them the idea of the '5 Ws' (who, what, where, why, when) and that these are central to newspaper articles. how can i do this? by reading out an example? by splitting them into groups and getting them to find the 5 Ws in a passage?
    4) then i thought i could give them each a sheet, with boxes for the 5 Ws, and get them to RECOUNT (dropping in the vocab there!) erm hmm i don't know. something that happened over the weekend? the journey to school? any ideas here?
    5) peer-assessment: swap with your talk partner and check that the 5 Ws have been answered

    any thoughts? too much to get into 20mins? i can prob run over a LITTLE, but if it is too much, any ideas on what i can cut, without cutting their understanding/engagement?
    or different ideas altogether for an intro into writing a recount? thank you sooooo much x
  5. http://www.primaryresources.co.uk/english/englishD9.htm
    The 5W's game on here was fantastic with my Year 4 class last year. I put each section onto different coloured paper. They'll really enjoy how they can mix and match to make silly stories.
    If you're only being observed for 20 minutes, couldn't you plan for a longer lesson and your mentor only observe part of the lesson? I often did this and made sure that she came in for the most exciting part!

  6. Great idea, forgot about all the free resources there- also saved it for use next year so thanks for that!
  7. that game is brilliant. i've changed a few things around, so it's about their local school, town etc
    and i think i'll do it so they're in 5 groups, and every group gets one of each 'W' and they have to put them into the agreed order and read out their recount
    but brilliant. because i knew some of them would be fine writing about their weekend, and others would be totally lost/'can't be bothered'
    i'm definitely using that tomorrow. THANKS!

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