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Year 3 weather and adventure stories?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Leasa, Dec 22, 2010.

  1. Leasa

    Leasa New commenter

    I am trying to plan my next literacy unit although I would much rather be playing in the snow [​IMG]
    We are moving towards a creative curriculum and although I have had loads of ideas for my weather topic and am looking forward to teaching it, I am struggling to find any stories that would fit with the adventure unit and weather. I was thinking about a sea storm adventure story with a monster to link DT moving monsters but am now not so sure.
    Does anyone have any possible ideas?
  2. I use scooby doo episodes for this unit. And famous five (got some old ones onvhs) as well as some short stories.
    If you wanted to do the same, there are some tenuous links if you were to use a scooby episode about a snow monster for example
    It works well because they learn about character types - the bold adventurer, pathetic girl, quirky girl and silly boy + dog - fits the Famous five model too. And loads more adventure stories!
    The kids love it and write their own episodes of scooby doo or adventure stories with 5 new characters.
  3. Leasa

    Leasa New commenter

    Thank-you blagartist. I will look on you tube now for the Scooby episode. Am really struggling with this.
    Was thinking maybe of using The Ice Palace as it doesn't actually state what takes the main character and was thinking the ch'n could design and make their own pnumatic monster based on this. How does that sound?
    Does anybody have any other ideas?
  4. Leasa

    Leasa New commenter

    Am feeling a little uninspired and am majorly stressing about this so any ideas would be extremely helpful. [​IMG]
    Thanks in advance.

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