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year 3 unit 4 Authors and Letters

Discussion in 'Primary' started by handycart, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. Hi
    I 'm new to teaching year 3 and i'm struggling to plan this unit. Was thinking of looking at Dick King-Smith as the author? Has anyone got any other suggestions for this unit. Not really liking the look of this unit so any ideas would be really appreciated.
  2. Hi
    I 'm new to teaching year 3 and i'm struggling to plan this unit. Was thinking of looking at Dick King-Smith as the author? Has anyone got any other suggestions for this unit. Not really liking the look of this unit so any ideas would be really appreciated.
  3. We did Dick King Smith for this unit. We looked at the resources on the 100 Literacy lessons CD but they were FAR too had for Year 3. So, we have out lots of Dick King Smith books for the children to look at and they filled in a table about main character, problem, setting and ending based on the blurb and them flicking through the books (luckily they are quite short). We then talked about similarities in his novels - use of animals as characters, main character often being a runt, animals losing their families and going on an adventure.
    We then read Emily's legs as a class and the children wrote a book review on it. We did a reading comprehension all about DKS and then the children wrote some notes about what more they would like to know about him. The children then wrote letters to DKS.
    In the second week, we based it all on Babe. We watched the film, talked about how to summarise the story (whicht hey found really hard). We drew film posters after looking at some on www.filmstreet.co.uk and they wrote tag lines for Babe. The upper children wrote a film synopsis based on some I found for other big films like Shrek etc.
    Then we looked at writing blurbs. We looked at lots of different blurbs from different authors. They wrote a blurb at the end of week 2, making sure they focussed on main character, problem and ended on a question. My uppers also used ellipsis.
    Next week, we are watching Babe: Pig in the city and doing lots of work about character, setting and plot analysis for the next narrative unit.
    Hope this helps. I found my kids really liked DKS novels but needed a lot of help with writing letters and writing summaries of plots.
  4. Meant to say that before all that we looked at different types of letters, such as thank you, complaints etc. We got ours from 50 shared texts.
  5. Thanks for that- really useful ideas.
    Thanks again
  6. Hi, I'm an NQT, and we did authors and letters last term. We looked at Anthony Browne books. Although they are picture books, the ideas and hidden clues in the pictures of the stories really ignited my class' imagination, and both their letter writing and story writing improved as a result of this unit. If you put your email address on here I could send you the plans?

    Hope thats of use to you
  7. Miss JJ

    Miss JJ New commenter

    i used Julia Donaldson's picture books, they are all really good stories and i could differentiate well with them. did lots of work on character and setting descriptions, rhyming words and she also has a good child friendly website wich i used with my class- also did some fun drama work.
    good luck x
  8. Thought more people might be doing this now as it is one of the later units and I am struggling to decide what to do now!! Think I am going for Simon James (Dear Greenpeace, My Friend the Whale, Sally and the Limpet, The Wild Woods, Leon and Bob) to tie in with our science - living things in their environment.
  9. Brenden

    Brenden New commenter

  10. In case anybody is still lookng for ideas for this topic. You need to be pragmatic - if you have lots of examples of an author's work then use that author. I did this last year with a Year 3/4 class with a wide range of attainment. I happened to have lots of different Ahlberg books (at home and in school) and so we used these - Happy Families series, Funnybones series + some meatier ones. We did not need to use extracts (which I hate) and then, of course, we could also use The Jolly Postman for letters. Luckliy, these had not been used in KS1 so mostly new to the class. When planning, I was afraid the texts would not be demanding enough, but they certainly were. In addition, I used Dick King-Smith, Jeremy Strong and Anne Fine - again because we had plenty of different copies.
  11. Hi, I am also struggling to plan this unit Would it be possible for you to email me a copy of your plans to me to...I am having a mahor mental block. Would appreciate it greatly. Thanks, Lara
  12. I am an NQT too and we are going to do the same title Authors & Letters...I would be grateful if you could find the time to send me the plans. Thanks
  13. would one of you good folk mind sending me a plan....starting to hate this unit!
  14. Hi,
    I realise that this is quite an old message, but if anyone still has the Anthony Browne plans to look at it would be really appreciated. My children have speech and language difficulties so using picture books for this unit would be a fantastic way of getting them all involved.
    My email is

    Many Thanks Jo
  15. Hi, I am planning for the same author and using some of the ideas from 100 Lit Hours. Some of them are too difficult and wondered if you wouldn't mind sharing your plans as I like some of the suggestions you have made. I am getting rather bogged down with this topic!!
    I know you posted this in 2009 but hoping you may have retained your plans.
    I enclose my email should you be kind enough to respond.

  16. Hi there, I know that this is a really old message but I am an NQT just about to do the topic of authors and letters with DK Smith as our author, would you still happen to have the planning to give me a good start ??
    Many thanks

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