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year 3 optional sats papers for both maths and english 2006

Discussion in 'Primary' started by troves, Mar 21, 2011.

  1. Hi I am looking for year 3 optional sats papers for both maths and english year 2006 papers.Can anyone send me copies????my email address is trovestrov@yahoo.co.uk thank you.My son currently is in year 3.
  2. Ul be lucky hun as that is the one his school are likely to use to test him this year. Wont help him in the long run if he knows answers to test he is going to be given as it may set him back later on.
    Ud be better of trying the 2003 one. xxx
  3. Agree with the previous poster - I'd be really unhappy as a CT if a parent got hold of them and prepared the child / went through them. One reason is that the child may get a score that does not reflect his true ability but mainly because it makes the tests into a much bigger deal than they should be. In my Y3 class they are going to be done in and amongst other stuff without any pressure - kids know we're doing them this half term but we don't make a big deal or do old ones with them at this age.

    Obviously it's unclear whether the OP wants them to practise with her child from the post so we may be jumping to conclusions. If the OP has another reason for wanting them (e.g. home schooled child etc) then I'd suggest talking to a local primary school or the LA advisor for home education. Otherwise I'd leave it and let your child relax. If the child is in school and they don't do them then they will be tracking your child's progress using many other methods and I wouldn't worry about not doing an optional test in class.

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