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Year 3 optional sats marking

Discussion in 'Primary' started by gingercharliewhite, May 14, 2007.

  1. here is the writing :O)
  2. Thanks very much!
    Anyone have the mark book to hand and can tell me in the reading test acceptable answers to reading test:
    Q25 - Does it have to mention cereal!
    Left mark book at school
  3. mdobbin

    mdobbin New commenter

    please coul i have some help too. can't find mark book for year 3 optional ,maths sat
    I really need a copy of the mental meaths test and the level thresholds please
    A very grateful
    m dobbin
  4. mdobbin

    mdobbin New commenter

    thankyou thankyou you are a life saver -sorry I can;t help ypu out with the reading I do a job share and she has the literacy book at the moment
  5. 13. 1 mark for references to how content of photographs might be helpful for making the map (eg show you what you need, how to age the paper, what to do / how to make map, give you ideas for treasure map) Also, more general ideas to fact that photos supplement text (eg help explain writing)
    19. 1 mark for reference to any of following: Goat not making map / Jackson wanting map, Goat using little scrap of paper, size of writing, lack of time he spent compared to Jackson
    20. 1 mark for Goat already knowing where treasure was hidden or Goat having seen petal (eg he knew where treasure was, he was going straight to treasure / flowerpot, he wanted to get treasure, he was going to Jackson's house to look for treasure, there was a petal on Jackson's watch, Jackson had given it away / Goat had seen clue)
    25. Yes!
    26. 1 mark for appropriate references to Goat's behaviour / actions up to this point in story that might have upset Jackson
    28. 1 mark for references to fact Jackson understands Goats clues now, or knows where the treasure is hidden, or the fact that Goat had given himself away or helped Jackson in some way decipher the clues / find the treasure
  6. Thank you so much.
    I'm always amazed by how quickly everyone helps each other out on this site. It's a godsend!

    Thank you again x
  7. Sorry mdobbin, missed your post earlier! Answers to mental maths are: 8, 3, 8, 7, 180, 45, £9, 33, 16, 20, 30, 23 31 45, 80, 2000, 9
  8. Hi - this is slightly off the mark with what everyone else is asking but can year 3 sats marks be replaced with teacher assessments if they are more realistic of a childs ability? I'm not sure?!
  9. Yes I think they can be replaced with Teacher Assessment as they are supposed to be 'optional'. We use them to get children used to the format of the test and working within time limits before they get to Year 6.
  10. We have a column for QCA result and a column for TA. If they vary we tend to go with the TA as it's a more overall assessment. The QCA results are more useful to see how children work under pressure and to look for general trends in answering questions e.g. my children still can't answer time questions even though time was a target this year!
  11. Hi, I am doing assessments with my year 3's this week and I was looking for a copy of the mental maths test for the 2006 paper. If anyone has this that could send me the transcript and an answer sheet I would be very grateful.

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