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Year 3 NQTS...a place to share

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by wench82, Aug 13, 2007.

  1. Hey.
    Just thought I'd open a thread for y3 NQTs so that we have a place to share any resources/planning etc and generally share ideas for the coming year.
  2. Hey.
    Just thought I'd open a thread for y3 NQTs so that we have a place to share any resources/planning etc and generally share ideas for the coming year.
  3. hiya, starting my second term nqt in year 3, v excited! working on displays at mo, not been into classroom this hols yet!!
  4. I'm the same as flickityflick, continuing my NQT year and moving to Y3. I went into school just after we finished for the hols but school is closed until end of August. I have prepared a few things for displays and sorted out my planning files. Still got lots to do and lots of questions that will have to wait.

  5. Hey, good to hear from you both!
    I have pretty much finished getting my classroom set up as the school was only open for first couple of weeks. Trying to make a start with planning now but am freaking out about where to start!! It's literacy and numeracy that is worrying me the most as the framework has changed so all the old formats are no longer available for planning!
    How are you guys getting on?
  6. What have you put on your displays? Or have you just backed the boards for now?

    Luckily my school are still following the old strategy so I'm just using last year's planning before I start tweaking things. I don't envy you having to plan with the new strategy. Hope you manage to get your head round :)

    (p.s. thanks for starting this thread)

  7. At the moment they are mostly just backed apart from a few posters linked to the themes for the first term. I mainly did the role-play area/reading and poetry corner etc.
  8. Sounds like you're well-prepared. I don't think Y3 have ever had a role play area in my school. In fact I don't think Y2 have role play. I will have a reading corner so might give that area a theme (I'm not sure how much I can get away with yet).

    For my displays I have some topic key words (egypt), check your work tips, times tables poster, what makes a good writer tips. I need to do some title banners for each board and I was also going to do washing line times tables and tricky HFWs from KS1.

    Does that sound ok? Any other ideas? Displays are playing on my mind, especially as I can't get into school for another two weeks.

  9. That sounds great to me. I'm lucky at my school as they are really keen on role play and interactive learning so I have a lot of scope for my imagination. I have only really given my display boaards headings so far not done much more than that, you sound like you have thought more about that than me!
    How's your planning going?
  10. p.s maybe you could make your reading corner into a roman fort!
  11. Thank you. Really like your idea of a Roman Fort, we're doing that topic in the Summer. Any ideas for something linked to Egypt in the meantime? My reading corner has a massive display board behind it which I was going to use for Egypt so that would be good.

    I haven't done that much really, just spent yesterday printing and laminating a few things.

    I'm trying not to worry too much about the planning. We use the QCA units as our medium term plans (no need to re-write them except for Science) so I have printed them off. We have medium term plans from our LEA for Lit and Num so that's all sorted. I haven't got any weekly Numeracy plans but focussing on place value for the first week then addition. All the weekly planning formats & resources (Heinemann) are at school so I'm waiting on that one. For Literacy I'm doing PSHE stuff for the first week then following last year's weekly plans to get me started. I'm going to take it one week at a time and try not to get ahead of myself, hard though it is.


    How's your planning going? Are you using QCA for foundation subjects and science? It's great that your school is keen on role play and interactive learning. I know that mine are using 'mind friendly learning' strategies but not sure how they feel about role play in KS2.

  12. I haven't really started planning yet just been getting QCA units that I need.
    Maybe you could have a pyramid/mummies display linked to Egypt. I'm doing Vikings mostly this year apart from Romans in the Summer term so haven't really thought about Egypt.
    We should def share our planning once we start!xxx
  13. Have you seen this: http://www.displayphotos.co.uk/displayimage.php?album=7&p...

    I was thinking of doing a lot of making activities - hieroglyphics, canopic jars, which could go in my reading corner/Egyptian Tomb! Thanks for the ideas.

    I don't have to do my own planning as such for Foundation subjects cos I'm working from the QCA but it'll be good to share ideas and things here.

    I'm just looking at ICT now. Are you doing combining text and graphics unit in the autumn? If so, are you linking it to any other subject?

  14. hey guys, for my displays (lots of boards, all backed for me luckily!) im doing a behaviour monitoring board,vcop one for lit, maths vocab and problem solving, the tudors for topic, light and shadows for science, i was thinking of a science investigation board too... got few ideas from here for first day back to get to know kids, doing a "flying high i class a" board, with kites having kids info on. like for the class to be full and interesting for the kids when they come in, displays can be added and adapted over the term!
    im still unsure on old or new frameworks, maths will be trickiest for me, school has folen but alot of the unit plans are disappearing! school mainly uses qca for others, and i have lcp planning for that so no worries.
    this thread will be useful, we should share some ideas and planning resources etc.
  15. Yeah I will be doing text and graphics in ICT, I was hoping to link it to repeating patterns in Art and labelling designs in DT. I haven't looked at it very closely yet but I imagine it could be linked to Literacy in terms of displaying work (e.g typing poems and then adding pictures).
  16. I just thought I would jump on the bandwaggon. I am in Y3 and an NQT.

    I havent been into school over the summer yet, as I live (at the moment) 170 miles away.

    I have been fortunate to get last years planning for Y3. I have all planning apart from numeracy, which I can't even start, because it is a 3 form entry and we are meant to plan together.

    When I did go into school, I took photos of my classroom to get an idea of the wall space I have, and I have 6 displays to fill!!!

    I have one sorted, I did a "getting to know you" exercise where the children all coloured in jigsaw peices, which I am going to cut out and fit together as one big display.

    I have done a numeracy vocabulary words display, and have a timestable wallchart which I got from tesco's.

    As for that I only have ideas but I am not sure. I still have 4 left to fill. I think I will do a spellings word wall, and add news spellings to it each week. Either that or a VCOP one, not sure!

    Also, a class notice board, with rules and reward charts.

    The last two I am completely stuck about. I want to use one of the boards for a science topic (healthy eating) but I don't start that until the first week. And the other board I am not sure about.

    I don't start history until the second half of the term, so I can't do one on that. The first term is about localilty, but I am not from the area, and the geography plans are a bit pants to be honest, so I have no idea what to do!
  17. you can start the science and geography display boards by adding prompting questions and stuff like that. ive downloaded the light and shadows display pack from schoolslinks website which im gonna have up to start it off and im going to have a tudors display with just the title and what, why, where, when, how etc written around it to link to first lesson!
    really struggling with tudors planning at mo, its for the 3 half terms and only 2 units so trying to split it up in a sensible way!!
  18. Hi
    I'm just going into yr 3/4 (28 yr3 and 8 yr4)class as a NQT, really excited but also nervous. My main concern is Numeracy planning...Can anyone help?? The problem I have is I haven't done a mixed age class before and the new framework doesn't plan for a mixed age class.I have planned 2 weeks but it has taken me ages and now I'm worrying. How would you approach this...PLEASE HELP
  19. It's good to hear what people are planning the first week.

    wench82 - I was thinking of labelling designs too, but linked to DT packaging unit, which could also link to science 'teeth and eating'. I'm not sure if I'm 'allowed' to swap units around on my ong term plan though... this is something I'm going to ask at school.

    dgant - I haven't planned for mixed age groups but there was some advice on the forum the other day which suggested that you should think of them as one class, not separate Y3 and Y4. Assess where they are at like you would with any class, then you can differentiate for their needs by looking at the objectives that fit. Have you tried posting on the mixed age forum? I'm sure you'll get lots of help with this.

  20. I will be starting my second year in year 3 in September. My NQT year was stressful, hectic but thoroughly enjoyable! Just thought I'd share my displays

    I've tried to have a different topic on each wall:

    Science - our first topic back is characterisitics of materials so I'm going to have a interactive display with lots of key vocabulary and work by the children, then maybe give them some questions to discuss with their talk partner each week

    Literacy - I've got a vocabulary tree with laminated leaves. Each week I write key vocab on the leaves to help them with their writing, e.g. snonyms for said

    Numeracy - I've made a 'function machine' to put on my wall, a bit like a robot. Each week I will put the numbers I've put into the machine and the numbers I will get out and get them to guess the function.

    History - a nice big Egypt display! We've got to do a 'big picture' in our school, showing the children an outline of what they will be doing before they start. A sort of big colourful brainstorm! With lots of pyramids and mummies!

    Good luck to all NQTS in Y3. Keep sharing ideas!

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