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Year 3 NQT

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by claudia_kate, Jun 16, 2012.

  1. claudia_kate

    claudia_kate New commenter


    Have seen this done elsewhere on here and thought it was a good idea.....I'm starting my first teaching post in September 2012 in a year 3 class and just wondered if anyone else out there was in the same boat?

    Thought we could poss keep this thread going to share ideas/resources etc.
    [​IMG] x
  2. sophmic

    sophmic New commenter

    I'm also going to be in year 3 in my first post! I was just talking to my partner about what we'll be doing on out first day, I have no idea! Have you taught year 3? My placements have only been in Reception and year 1 so it's new territory for me! x
  3. I'm in year 3 for my NQT year too. I did my first placement with year 3 and I really think they are the best year group!
    I meet my class on Tuesday as part of a transition day. Nervous and excited.[​IMG]
  4. I'm in year 3 too! We're starting the IPC and I start in less than two weeks! Can't wait!
  5. I am starting my NQT year in september too with a year 3 class!! I'm so excited as I've been doing supply for the past few months so will finally get my own class :)
    I've been looking through the forums for advice on preparation, etc, and there seems to be looooads!!! I'm not sure I'll ever prepared enough! haha

  6. Hi all,
    I will also be a year 3 NQT next year. Can't wait! I'm going in next week for our move up day and trying to think of some nice activities to use. Just wondering if anyone has any tips of important things I should find out before September? Already thought of the obvious - class list, SEN details, behaviour issues, friendship groups, levels/ability. Anything else? Want to be as prepared as possible!
  7. I'm also going to ask about interests, any individuals I should not allow to sit next to each other, and also about the parents/ family background.
    My NQT school is in quite an affluent area so the parents are much more interested and involved than any were in either of my placement schools. Obviously this is great, but I don't have much experience dealing with 'pushy' parents, so I'm going to try and get as much advice as possible!
  8. I am coming to the end of my NQT year in Year 3 - I think it's the best year to be in. They are gaining independence but at the end of the day they're still children. I love it! Any Qs, fire away :)
  9. sophmic

    sophmic New commenter

    Hi ttg2706, I have a question! I've never been in Year 3 and would like to make sure I've read any of the books my class will be learning about or reading, can you recommend any? I'm sure I've read some of them, but would like to use the summer to read any I haven't yet read. Thanks!
  10. Sophmic - There aren't any set books that the children must read. It all depends on you, as the teacher to choose the books most suitable and enjoyable. So for example this year for the literacy unit "familiar settings" we read "A child's garden" which is a beautiful picture book. But next year I'm already planning on reading "Rain with a chance of meatballs" - as it'll link to our geography topic too.
    Hope this helps.
  11. sophmic

    sophmic New commenter

    Thanks! I'm quite looking forward to planning some interesting literacy units - my school's one form entry so I will be doing it all on my own! I'll use the summer to test some interesting books.

  12. I`ll be in year 3 in September too. Very excited and apprehensive. So much I don't know yet! What is everyone doing/done for their transition days?
  13. Yay to the new year 3 teachers for September! I just got my job last week and wooo I am very nervous, I am in reception year 1 at the moment so it will be a big change. I am expecting low levels, probably behaviour issues to due to the area. I have 2 transition mornings just an hour for each. I am going to do some get to know you games, and something I can display for when they arrive in September. I am going to take all of their photographs too - always good to have pics of the children for activities and displaying needs. Might help me learn names too.
  14. Has anyone started thinking about what things they will have displayed for September or even where to start. eeekkk
  15. Yes!! I can't wait to jazz up my classroom! On move up day I did a short activity with the children where they drew a picture of themselves then answered a few generic questions e.g. my favourite subject, things I enjoy etc. So I'm going to cut them out and back them and have a Welcome to Y3 type display.
    I'm also going to have a literacy and numeracy working wall, then probably a topic one (although I have no idea what my topics are going to be at the moment!!)
    Anyone else got any schemes of work or anything yet?![​IMG]
  16. I am visiting my school on Monday, I have been trying to write a list of things I need to ask and get. Class list, SEN/IEPs data, behaviour of my class, class info, mind is a bit of a blank. anything else I should ask for?
  17. Might be an idea to get a list with date of births on, I'm thinking about making a birthday display but also you can see who are the young and old children in the year. Maybe ask about school routines - a handbook or something might tell you times of day, assemblies, after school clubs etc? A code/key so you can get into school/class over the summer holidays? When it is most appropriate to come in?

    Keep adding if you think of anything else, I'm trying to think of all these things too!
  18. Oh these are things I didn't even think about, I am doing a birthday display too so ha would be a good idea to get that info. The lil things that seem to add up. :)
    eeeek excited but nervous - I go in tomorrow to just look around
  19. I have just got back from visiting my new school, it's lovely and everyone is super friendly. I am going to be the only new starter come September. My classroom is all new and brightly coloured. I have a TA i do have quite a few SEN children and a couple that don't speak English. Challenging!
  20. amyliv88

    amyliv88 New commenter

    I'm an NQT in Year 3 too, just had my transition day which was loads of fun but there sure is a lot of them-33!
    I'm going in next week for planning and I'm going to ask for policies, staff handbook, already got levels of children, class behaviour from present teacher... Anything else anyone can think of?
    My TA's already asking about displays, I don't think she was very impressed when I couldn't give an answer.

    Love the idea of this thread, so we can support each other throughout the year.

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