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Year 3 NQT Observation ...help!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by melhossiny, Mar 19, 2016.

  1. melhossiny

    melhossiny New commenter

    Hello everyone,

    I have just started a job as an NQT recently (half way through the year). I am being observed this Wednesday afternoon... the day before we break up for Easter.

    My tutor has said the lesson can be in any subject and being so close I don't think it wise to do anything to heavy. I'm now wondering what subject to do it in!

    Does anyone have any ideas as to what I could do? Something that is fun but shows progression within the lesson.

    Thankyou for your thoughts!
  2. whitestag

    whitestag Senior commenter

    Why don't you just teach what you would normally teach?
  3. melhossiny

    melhossiny New commenter

    We finished our Topic last week so we are off timetable on Wednesday afternoon.
  4. Jesmond12

    Jesmond12 Star commenter

    You are a teacher. Surely you can think of something.
  5. caterpillartobutterfly

    caterpillartobutterfly Star commenter

    Is this your first observation?
    On the afternoon before you break up?
    Is your mentor a complete cow?!?

    You've little chance of showing progress in a one off, not linked to anything except Easter lesson.
    I teach year 3 and we are doing a two week project on Henry V (Shakespeare, but children's version) a week before the holiday and a week after. But you could choose another short book and use it for some literacy teaching.
    Or some data handling maths with those packs of mini Easter eggs, you need wrapped ones if you are going to let the children eat them.
  6. whitestag

    whitestag Senior commenter

    Or why not just start your next topic? They don't always have to fit neatly into specific terms with a week of fillers in between.
  7. melhossiny

    melhossiny New commenter

    Yes, first ever observation. Yes on the afternoon before we break up. lol Thanks for the advice caterpillar.
    I will do a fun Maths activity linked to Easter and problem solving questions which we have been working on a lot over the past few weeks. The children can work in groups.

    Thanks everyone.
  8. sallylou

    sallylou New commenter

    I did a good easter maths challenge a few yrs ago. I bought a variety of easter eggs and asked the question "which would you want?" And "Which egg is the best value for money?" They weighed, measured and priced up the eggs- making a chart etc. Buttons egg always comes out best- more chocolate for your money etc and we discussed the fact that the "free" gift you often get isn't free. At the end I asked "which egg would you buy now?"
    Really fun and interesting session x
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