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Year 3 NQT also!

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by butterbeer, Aug 5, 2012.

  1. I am in Year 2 and find there is generally not enough time due to the number of subjects being covered. I thought it might help to describe my typical week so you can see if you have missed anything out. You would probably have a fair few children still needing daily phonics sessions and would also probably need to fit in MFL:
    Mon: Lit, Maths, phonics am. PE, library, guided reading, story pm
    Tues: handwriting, Lit, Maths, phonics am. Guided reading, topic, story pm (art, or D&T or science as we do all our geog and history through our literacy in the morning)
    Wed:ICT, music, guided reading and phonics am. topic, PE pm.
    Thurs: Lit, maths, phonics, handwriting am. Guided reading, RE story pm
    Fri: Lit, maths, phonics am. Guided reading, PSHE, golden time, story pm.
    I believe in KS2 you should be doing two hours of PE and science a week. You also need to do 40 hours of RE a year. The other subjects like history and geog can take turns, as can art and D&T. I would have thought your timetable would be tight as if you are doing RWI your literacy is probably not cross curricular, so you would need to fit your geog/history in the afternoon too. You will need to fit Support for Spelling in too, a couple of times a week, but this may be done through RWI. If not, you should be able to do it as a lit starter.
    Anyway, hope this helps. I find I have to be quite creative to fit it all in. I make the story time a priority though as I think it is crucial and like to have at least 20 minutes for this.
    Enjoy your NQT year. It will be hard, but it will get easier, so don't panic that you will always have to work so hard. It's got a lot easier for me as things become natural, planning is quicker and you feel more confident.
    Good luck.

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