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Year 3 - Magnets and Springs

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Peach_08, Feb 20, 2009.

  1. Thank you, they are both really hepful sites [​IMG]
  2. Miss JJ

    Miss JJ New commenter

    hi, im a y3 NQT and taught this topic for the first time last term, i also found it ia bit tricky to get started.
    i took the class into the hall and got some balls, hoops and bean bags out, with the aim of recapping forces from y2. All i really wanted them to get was that for an object to move, its needs a force, which can be a push or a pull. we did this by sitting in a big circle and rolling the ball to each other and asking how can we move it? how can we stop it? also linked this to gravity, then basically had some group activites with the equipment and the students had to say a sentence explaining how they were using a push or pulling force to move their object.
    i found this a really helpful way to get started cus all of my kids, even my very low ability, were engaged and could use the science vocab i was looking for. Next session we started looking at magnets and the class were able to take on the new concepts and vocab of magents, repel and attract ect. i allowed them 5 minutes to "play" with the magents, before we stared talking about how they felt and what they did,
    it worked for my class, good luck x

  3. <font size="3">If you sign up for a free account at </font><font size="3">www.hamilton-trust.org.uk</font> and look under topics you will find all the science units, plans and resources for this unit, very useful as a starting point x
  4. Mine struggled with this a bit, they hadn't seen a concept map before but i think it is worth spending time on. We created a class one for paper and then i split them into groups of 5, each with a large sheet of paper. I gave each table a selection of their allocated material (metal, wood, fabric, plastic) and they had to stick on bits of the material and draw their concept map around it. It worked well and made a great display. Good luck!
  5. thanks everyone!

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