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year 3 lesson interview maths

Discussion in 'Primary' started by charlotte_c84, Jun 27, 2015.

  1. Hello all,

    I want to plan a 20 minute lesson for a year 3 class in maths. I was thinking of doing a problem solving lesson or answering one-step problems in context (I was thinking a fish and chip shop context and having answers wrote on paper chips which children can put in their newspaper cups). There's 7 sen and 14 eal children.

    Is this a good idea or should I start afresh? thank you
  2. Think the idea sounds great and creative. Go back a step though and think what is your learning objective - what are you wanting the childres to achieve by the end of the lesson? How will you map progess? Will it be using subtraction / addition? Multiication or division?

    is it for an interview? Do you know the children ?
  3. Sorry just seen title saying interview - dahhh sun getting to me!!!

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