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Year 3 interview lesson advice - PLEASE HELP!

Discussion in 'Jobseekers' started by MrsLouBLou, Apr 17, 2011.

  1. After 2 years of looking for a new post I finally have an interview. I got the letter yesterday for an interview on Wednesday (3 days prep!!) My school is currently on Easter holidays and I can't get hold of anyone to run ideas with. So I am hoping there is someone lovely out there who can help me! I have spent the day trawling google for ideas but to no avail.

    I need to teach a 30 minutes lesson on basic skills in year 3. I have absolutely no idea where to start. The focus is to be either Literacy or Numeracy. I have read the schools ofsted report and their biggest weaknesses were speaking and listening. I had thought about doing some sort of retelling acitivity but I have no idea. I haven't taught year 3 before and I am currently teaching year 5.

    I know that if I were teaching basic skills I would focus on sentence building but again don't know where to start. I am beginning to panic as I only have 2 days left to prepare this.

    The school is 200 miles from where I currently work (I moved away for a job and have since had a daughter and really need to move closer to my family) and as such has a very different cohort of children I currently teach.

    I am open to any ideas!
  2. Hi,
    Deep breath, ooommmm.
    I think a focus on speaking and listening sounds great as it gives you lots of opportunities to interact with the children and show how good you are. I'm very fond of oral story building games, I'm always happy to 'magpie' from Pie Corbett.
    You could perhaps build some story maps, either you/TA recording or get the children to do them on wallpaper lining paper and big felt pens. Lots of opportunities for Drama too.
    Whatever you do. especially on such short notice, make sure it's something you're confident with, perhaps something you've done before. This is not the time to try out something completely new.
    You might also want to look at both the person spec and your application form. What are you really good at? What are they looking for? See if you can plan an opportunity to show them. They won't expect a perfect lesson - this is not a usual teaching situation - so make sure you've recorded all your best bits in your lesson plan in case they don't all come off on the day.
    Good Luck and well done on getting this far.

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