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Year 3 Interview in Independent school

Discussion in 'Independent' started by ilovecherylcole, May 6, 2011.

  1. I have 3 interviews next week, all in independent schools. I am coming from an independent school abroad and so I hope I know what to expect! I have to teach a lesson of my choice for each and it must last 50 minutes. I would most certainly like to do numeracy. I teach year 3 at the moment, my first time out of KS1, and have been informed that I will also be teaching a year 3 class in the interview. My year 3 class are average to below average in numeracy with most working at a 2b. I have been told that I will teach 20 children in the top set. Can anyone give me some ideas just how 'top' the top set is likely to be in a selective prep school in london? Do you think I should be looking at year 4 objectives? Has anyone got a great idea for a numeracy lesson? I was hoping to do something where I can start with an idea as a baseline and guage it to see if it is too easy and then if so I can easily adapt as I go to make more difficult. My initial thoughts were something to do with place value and ordering, but wasnt sure if top set y3 would have covered decimals..... as my class certainly havent! Thanks
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