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year 3 intervention

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Ilovemarmite, Sep 9, 2007.

  1. Can anyone tell me off the top off their head how many sessions of intervention there are a week for springbpoard and ALS? How does it fit into a week?
  2. Can anyone tell me off the top off their head how many sessions of intervention there are a week for springbpoard and ALS? How does it fit into a week?
  3. ALS fits into the usual literacy lesson. There's one teacher led seesion and 3 TA led.In the other lesson the children are supposed to work independently. Springboard has 2 20 minute sessions in a week.
  4. huh - have i got duff information?

    i have been told als is in addition to lit lessons and that springboard can be done in numeracy lessons?

    neither me nor my ta have been y3 before and she has been trying to investigate als over the summer but is struggling to find info online
  5. Hey there
    ALS is now called Year 3 Quest and is quite boy orientated!

    There is one teacher led session which is done during literacy - usually on a Monday - alternates between guided read and guided write so will fit in with your timetable.

    The children then have 3 sessions out of literacy hour with a TA - usually about 20 mins to half hour long.

    There is also an extra independent session but it just gets a bit crazy and I dont know who can fit it into timetable!

    There is a homework task each week.

    You will need a load of guided reading books to be able to do Quest so check you have them first otherwise you can't do it!

  6. iccle jen

    where did you find this out - is there somewhere i can refer my ta to ?

    as a sideline - how do you decide who does this year 3 quest?

    thanks j
  7. lardylegs

    lardylegs Occasional commenter

    google 'sir kit's quest'. I think it was one one of the many DVDs we got given at Literacy training!
  8. Hi
    There are 2 copies of the file - one says pilot on it and there are very few changes in actual one so don't worry if you only have the pilot as very similar.

    It is a pain with the books I tell you! We didnt realise this when we decided to do it.

    The children we used were the children that came up on MAGs as being just below average (think its the orange column) - your SEN/SA+ children will not be able to access it.

    There is a lot of photocopying initially so beware - get your TA to save material - we gave each child a file with the intention of reusing it but I moved to Year 6 so hoping it will be reused!
  9. Thanks icclejen!
  10. clotho_uk

    clotho_uk New commenter

    Hi all,
    Just wondering if anyone who had started 'Quest' could advise me on where to get the sets of books needed?? Ordering several of the same book via Amazon doesn't seem very cost effective...
  11. I too am searching for the set of guided reading materials. Can i work with other books of the sme text type or genre?

  12. Dopey Dwarf

    Dopey Dwarf New commenter

    I know it's late but i got our books from Magdeleine Linley (sp???)

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