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year 3 instructions

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Tinabee, Feb 18, 2012.

  1. Anyone used the book 'Monsters an owners guide' for instructions unit in year 3? any good ideas for making this unit exciting?
  2. Hello. Not sure how helpful this will be but!
    I taught Instructions on TP to Y5 and did it with my own class (Y3) just before Xmas.
    On TP the class teacher wanted them to produce instructions for using this website. It was SO boring haha.
    In my class, we made sandwiches for the Xmas party, so linked D&T and English for planning the sarnie and then writing some instructions for making it. Not exactly groundbreaking stuff, I know, but the food was a big motivator and it was easy to get them interested!
    My favourite thing to do, which I set for hmwk for both the Y5 and Y3 classes, is to get them to write a recipe for Teacher Pie. Tell them it can be as gruesome or as gorgeous as they like. I nicked that off one of my mentors and it always gets brilliant responses :D

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