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Year 3 - Carroll diagrams

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Sutty78, Mar 8, 2008.

  1. Just wondering if anyone has any advice on teaching carroll diagrams to year 3. I'm being observed and a little worried as my last observation came out as unsatisfactory :(. I really want to show that i can actually teach! Any help gladly welcomed!!!
  2. big space and hoops- label them then get the children to place the object in the correct hoop- a teacher i know marks out squares with masking tape to do this. hope this helps x
  3. taddy

    taddy New commenter

    Box of celebrations, (blu tak if want to stick up on whiteboard). Put a few chocolates on each groups table - give them chat about not letting you down by unwrapping any of them. Chidlren have to sort them into 2 piles anyway they like - could be colour of wrapper, ones they like, names beiginning with c wahtever. Then explain about Venn diagrams taking colour - using 2 PE hoops with overlap, collec tup the chocolates - now children have to place the chocolates in one hoop for caramel, one for nutty and the overlap for those that are caramel and nutty. Ones that don't fit itno these categories will be on the outside of the hoop.Reward at end for working hard is they each get a chocolate. Check for nut allergies etc. first. Has the creative factor but does get the idea across. Don't forget to ask them to label the hoops and use the correct terminology written up somewhere in class. Good luck
  4. I have just done this with my Year 2s and I introduced it by putting down a giant Carroll diagram on the carpet (masking tape) and we organised ourselves into it by criteria boy/ is 7/is not 7. We did it for other things such as sorting names (name has 5 letters/name does not have 5 letters, name has an e in it/name does not have an e in it.

    For independent activities I made large-scale A2 Carroll diagrams and we sorted numbers odd/ more than 50 etc.
    I have some smartboard resources and worksheets that were for my class but you could maybe adapt them. If you'd like them post your email addy and I'll send them to you today.
  5. http://www.standards.dfes.gov.uk/primary/publications/mat...

    good for plenary.

    If it is their first lesson make sure that it is pratical and they can physically move / sort the objects.

    Start with one criteria then add on the second when they are comfortable.

    Definately a good idea to use class in a human carroll diagram - then move this onto 'paper'...
  6. warmandfuzzy

    warmandfuzzy New commenter

    This OP could have been me!
    I'm thinking to do something kinaesthetic (might use sort the chocolate idea) and then ask them to sort some data independently. What do you suggest for Must, Should and Could and differentiation? Should my TA and myself work with individuals or groups do you think?
    Sorry for the barrage of questions...not feeling the most confident!
  7. I am teaching this next when I finish Venn diagrams. For my intro I'm going to have four hoops set out with the headings circle/ not circle and silver/not silver and use giant coins and get the children to put them in the correct hoop. I would say make sure in you are constantly asking them why they think that is the answer, ask the other thumbs up if they agree etc. make sure you're constantly assessing. I would have my TA on the carpet with my LA to support them. Hope this helps. Xxx
  8. mystery10

    mystery10 Occasional commenter

    Why are Carroll diagrams in the national curriculum?
  9. warmandfuzzy

    warmandfuzzy New commenter

    Thanks all!
    I'm now even more nervous - I did Venn diagrams today, and they found it really easy. Have now increased the difficulty level of tomorrow's lesson, but have probably made it too complicated! :( Hope not!
  10. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    Sorting by more than one criteria. Valuable skill.
  11. warmandfuzzy

    warmandfuzzy New commenter

    Good with outstanding features...hurrah!! :)
  12. Wish I had read this earlier! Planning a lesson now for day after next when OFSTED are in! Would love to know exactly what you did to get good with outstanding features, but probably too late now?! This is not my class & I have only been asked to do it today!!

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